We are at the boiling point, where the liquid water transmutes and transitions into a gas, rising steam. The boiling point is violent, rough, turbulent and chaotic as it bubbles away. Although it is all these things it is a blessing and serves its function for without it we would not progress and transition to a new path. At some point when the boiling is dialled down, some water would have been left behind having not yet made the transition. The corona virus can be our friend or our foe. Which is it to be?

Every time you have had and overcome a flu/virus you would have noticed that you felt different, stronger, you may have found yourself with a different view, outlook or perspective on life, heightened senses, perhaps more aware. The case can be said for most illnesses – the healing power of illness. Biologically this virus is no different than any other virus except that it is playing itself on a global mind consciousness.

We now have an opportunity and are now closer than before in activating conscious reality shifting possibilities. The tension between catastrophic change and the downpour of higher consciousness and awakening is at an all-time high. There is a war raging above and below. This war is not fought over lands, borders and resources but is a war fought for our hearts, minds and spirits.

If we are unable to create and make new choices towards a spiritual and heart based future, then events themselves will rapidly catalyse this process for us. Our destiny is to be the bridge between matter and spirit, the real and unreal, the seen and unseen. Our destiny is to know the unknown and discover all possibilities contained within us; our creator consciousness.

We have devoted our resources towards consumerism and destructive conflict among ourselves and each other. This is unsustainable and cannot continue. We can and must make new choices and act upon them. It is within our grasp and capacity to do so. The first step is to wake up to this option. We have managed to distract ourselves that we have become unconscious to an impending catastrophic crossroad in our reality.

Our future is not about polarities, who we vote for or the differences between various religious texts or philosophies. It is not about capitalism or the commodification of our lives. It is not about the giving up of our freedoms to appease the collective mind-hive. These are all the short-term choices that we seem to have made unaware, while we were sleeping.

Our future is about diversity, contrast, creativity, living from the heart, inner wellbeing, learning through curiosity, spiritual growth, community and sharing. The challenge now is how to facilitate ways for ourselves to see this as a choice and to act accordingly.

We have so much potential although it does not seem like it from our limited perspective. We are a vital part of an entire planetary and cosmic organism. It would seem we have lost our way but this is not so – if we only intend and choose differently.

We are on the tipping point of an evolutionary shift. Can we open ourselves enough to experience the impossible? Can we let go of the old ways long enough to intend and create for ourselves an enlightened, thriving ,spiritual and peaceful future?

I would like to hear from others, their thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how we move on from this point. If we were to recreate anew what would it look like?

The new post above was due to recent correspondence from a young teenager Aine@NZ whom i was humbled to receive an email from. Her father has been subscribed to missionignition for almost 20 years. His daughter now grown up having read and followed some old missionignition/Blue print outs and makes contact with me.

So i queried this young, aware and wise being for her perspective and below I wish to share a few excerpts from this Emissary of a future generation.

So i queried this young, aware and wise being for her perspective and below I wish to share a few excerpts from this Emissary of a future generation.

Below are excerpts from her correspondence:

I am hopeful that these events unfolding are going to impact my generation into realising that we need to make huge strides in how we relate to the whole, the all, and our internal, personal part of it, if anything is going to change.

My generations main ideals seem to be to do with changing this reality itself. Many don’t agree with being part of a system of earning money and spending money, they don’t like the obligation to work in something you’re not passionate about just in order to afford food. They don’t like the disconnection from community… there is a big feeling that we need to live in tighter, more sustainable and more active community groups.

Many of us, myself included, don’t like the idea of government structures like those we have at the moment. The dynamics have shifted a lot in the past few years and more and more world leaders are elected by corrupt systems, not the people themselves. Or if the decision does come from the public vote, it is made up of many older generations who haven’t embraced the motions of a changing society, and think young people to be naive and idealistic.

The slightly older generations, whom I relate to a lot more easily, seem to be more concerned with shifting beyond physicality. Whatever the belief system, there are many to are seeking ways to return to a union with the universe, the all, the original being, the other energetics part/s of us.

The generation I associate with are more concerned with transcending this reality. Believing that the time of physical experience is ending and that moving beyond is inevitable if we are to thrive as souls in existence. Also believing that the issues we face today in physicality are caused by astral shifts or shifs in other dimensions.

Me, myself, I’m still finding my own path and understanding. Reading the transmissions has helped a lot in this ….

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