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The lower three chakras or glands have differing names depending upon if you are male or female gender.

Female = Seeds of Osiris
Male = Swords of Osiris

Let’s recap the glands / chakras from the previous articles on Biological Alchemy.

Wings of Isis
Crown < > pineal and hyopthalamus
Brown < > inner and outer pituitary

Shields of Horus
Throat < > thyroid and parathyroid
Heart < > heart and thymus

Seeds / Swords of Osiris
Solar < > pancreas and spleen
Sacral < > left and right ovaries / testicles
Root < > left and right adrenal glands

For females and males the root and sacral chakras are reversed.. (i am not 100% on this but the the way i visualise it as i see it – confusing )


Female root chakra = adrenals glands / the sacral gland = ovaries
Male root chakra = testicles / sacral gland = adrenal

Possibly why the first thought that crosses a male’s mind is sex, where as females it is 2nd on the list.

Feedback about the above. A subscriber “Doctor Jack” who is open minded merging science with spirit emailed me about the above.

Doctor Jack writes:

Reading through your chakra articles is very interesting. I have had very similar thoughts about endocrine glands and chakras for many years (I have a background in medical science and am in my final year of study before I’ll graduate as a medical doctor) …

To clarify your point on whether the root/sacral chakras being reversed in men and women – the testes in utero (up to about the 6-7 month mark) are adjacent to the kidneys (which house the suprarenal/adrenal glands) before descending, whereas the ovaries (obviously) do not undertake this descent, so although anatomically they appear below the adrenal chakra, very early in life this is not the case, hence the arrangement of chakras with endocrine glands are equal between the sexes.

I find medicine a fascinating topic (as obviously do you), especially when it is used to expand knowledge of esoteric/spiritual matters – fusing matter with spirit, if you will

Continuing on …. Each DNA strand = a chakra

i.e. we have 12 chakras in the seen and 12 in the unseen (total 24 strands = 24 chakras). We are pulsing in and out at 24 frames a second. Possibly why the accepted frame rate for motion picture is 24-frames per second as this is the rate at which the brain/mind perceives reality.

Adrenal Glands

Root / Sacral as stated above is pending male/female gender.

Adrenals are like capacitors / spark-plugs, they provide energy / spark into the rest of the glands and body … is it a wonder adrenal exhaustion / chronic fatigue is one of the main ailments of the western world. Like capacitors they build up and store energy and then like lightning they release it like a spark. Under stress the energy is suppressed. Stress is like water it dampens the spark of energy.

The emotion associated with adrenals is courage. The inner pituitary works in tandem with the adrenals to check, balance and regulate the adrenals. So usually the inability to store energy or release energy can be linked to issues with the pituitary as well.

When kidneys have ailments / issues it can affect the adrenals in the sense of fear or lack of emotional or spiritual strength or conviction.

Usually failing adrenals (exhausted / drained) can occur due to trauma in the past which drained the zest to live. What happens is this creates a block or out of alignment in the chakra / gland not allowing energy to build up in the adrenal capacitors or a leak in the adrenal capacitors. In electronics you’d be surprised how many leaking capacitors are the cause of failing electronic devices. Only if Tesla was still alive.

You can associate phobias or fears with faulty adrenal/root/sacral chakras … ever heard the phrase, “got no balls … got no guts”. It stems from weak root/sacral chakra.

When you have failing adrenals coupled with a failing thyroid (throat chakra) …. then you have malabsorbtion of nutrients … the inability or unwilling to accept or absorb … also this failing combination can be regarded as rejection …

When adrenals fail along side the pancreas, then you have things like cancer or the body eating itself inside out, loss of muscle etc. This can also reflect inability to cope with loss or home-sickness.

When experience is unable to be digested (stomach) there is a toxic charge which can build up in the adrenals which needs to be eliminated. Thus why a heavy workout or long jog helps work off things like anger etc etc.

This chakra is associated with the etheric body and things like heavy metal poisoning or the bodies in-ability to deal with heavy metal free radicals is associated to the adrenals.

Pancreas / Spleen = (Solar Plexus = emotional body)

Pancreas = identity with location and ability to laugh as the emotion

Spleen = rejection/acceptance and the emotion is antagonism

The pancreas. keeps you balanced with your environment … outer world … earth …. also regulates the blood sugar levels and acid/alkaline levels …

A failing pancreas equates to loss of ability to locate/know yourself …. not knowing where you stand.

If the heart/thymus is weak as well as the pancreas then the liver will have complications and the pH levels will be unbalanced. This can also can represent frustration of energy not available when required. Also with weak thymus can manifest ulcers and sores and skin conditions. This reflects with issues to do with sex.

If the liver is weak/failing with a low pancreas/solar plexus then you will produce heat, known in chinese to be hot liver. This can be caused by lost love or lost home.

Biologically the pancreas controls blood sugar and things like hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) = loss of power or loss of joy, loss of sweetness. Usually you will find those happy and joy with life in general have no low or high blood sugar problems …

Weak thyroid and weak pancreas = confusion … irresponsible … also lack of synchronicity can be associated with these two weak respective chakra points ..

Other ailments which can manifest from pancreas / solar plexus is loss of balance … vertigo … low energy …. toxin / poison build up … laughter helps release toxins …


The spleen is like a garbage disposal for old sick blood, toxins etc ….

A weak spleen can result is allergy condition … inability to reject or inability to accept … so you become allergic to things that are generally accepted as the norm …

A weak spleen combined with weak thymus means overloaded with negative energy … if lungs are weak combined with a weak spleen then you have ailments of the lungs .. posions or allergies of the airways … rejecting life.

Rejection in life by loved ones … not accepted as you are can lead to spleen issues … further to this inability to reject toxins by spleen build up in the colon and become poisonous emotions/gases … hatred … anger … venting … resentment …etc … also when one is rejected for the wrong reason or reason they do not understand why the rejection was …

Anger at loved ones can cause spleen issues … or separation from a loved one that one does not accept or understand/comprehend why the separation …

Also toxic spleens can behave in very antagonistic ways … become purposely irratable to others … e.g. teasing …. bullying can be a form of this …

Reproductive Glands (overies / testicles)

Carrying on from where the solar plexus (pancrease / spleen) and the adrenal glands (which are sacral chakra for male and root chakra for female). We have remaining are the sex glands (ovaries / testicles). Again these are reversed (sacral 2nd chakra = female and root 1st chakra = male)

Also i’ll give my listing for frequencies / tuning forks for each chakra as well as where best to place the tuning forks on your body as well as finishing up with the sacral/root glands/chakras (testicles/ovaries). I’ll include a little respective info on other important organs such as the colon, stomach, liver, kidneys/bladder, lungs as.

Obviously these are for reproduction but also on an energy level or spiritual level represents the movement of energy throughout the body, creativity. So negative aspects or ailments/blockages in this area can be indicative of apathy, lack of energy, lack of movement, lack of creativity. Some ailments can be fridgit, sterile, impotence etc.

If these ailments/blockages exist with these glands as well as the thyroid glands is indicative of one spending their energy unwisely, unfruitful.

If thymus ailments/blockages exist as well as reproductive glands can represent person using energy in a negative way to hurt themselves or others.

Please note the above does not apply to those who have both male and female chromosones in the one body eg. hemoraphidites or similiar. These are infact reflective of twin-flame souls embodying the same biological body (temple) at the same time.

An oversoul is made up of a positive and negative soul (male and female orienated). When incarnate into this physical universe the oversoul breaks down into polarised pairs, male and female, known as twin-flames.

On rare occassion there is an agreement by both polarised souls to incarnate into the same body. In ancient texts these were regarded as gods and androgenous in nature, much like angels with no sex orientation. You can regard your oversoul as androgenous (andro-gene). When this occurs it is regarded as special but sometimes does not always go down well and you can end up like those babies that are like siamese twins, joined together. But also can get the beautiful looking androgenous hemoraphidites, so reproductive issues (lack of) in these cases is not regarded as an ailment. Please do not judge these souls as they may be one step ahead of us polarised males/ females.

Many will not like this, but contrary to what many newagers teach a soul incarnate in this universe is always and will always be polarised as a male or female soul and will manifest biological space suits to reflect this. In the case of homosexuals … this is a CHOICE by that soul to embody the opposite polarisation of that which it really is due to either fear or torment in previous incarnation or simply for the fun/joy experience of it.

In the past i have been flamed for these comments, my best friends are homosexuals and i have nothing against and nor do i judge them as generally they make far better caring human beings than most heterosexuals. However you can’t have it both ways, you either create your reality or you don’t and homosexuals create through choice to embody the opposite to what they are polarised (they are not in the wrong body, they chose it).

Lungs (represents unseen energy)

Lungs detox gas/air/unseen

These organs are aligned with kidneys, skin/lymph and the colon. The purpose of lungs is energy conversion, vapourisation.

If the lungs and colon are ailed then this indicates inability to reject disliked conditions (unseen energy). It can also indicate hate (toxic) building up in the colon.

If the lymph glands or skin are ailed as well as the lungs then can indicate unseen toxic thoughts, toxic energy, inability to dispose of or filter or holding onto toxic energy/thoughts/emotions.

If stomach is also affected then inability to digest experience or emotions

if spleen is affected then can represent an experience or emotion carried over from another lifetime.

People that speak with a monotonous voice can indicate lung issues … chronic issues ..

Colon (detox / hate)

Colon detoxes solids/tangibles

The colon is to absorb content and filter out garbage …. when unable to filter out garbage then toxicity builds up and poisons body/mind/spirit ..

This can manifest as constipation …. usually due to hate … holding onto emotions of hatred … OR … if not hatered can then reflect the opposite of synchronicity … where nothing is flowing/moving … stuck in a rut …

Essentially colon issues reflect poisoning … can not see or think clearly …. narrow minded …

Stomach (digestion / joy)

Like the lungs ..the stomach is an energy convertor …. it digests ingredients, emotions and experience …. inability to digest = inability to accept/process experience or circumstance … this then can manifest as unhappiness … sadness etc …. inability to digest concepts … ideas …. breakdown problems ….

Liver (transformation / sadness)

The liver is the power fuse box of the human body. It stores all patterns and codes for living, all relationship exchanges, food, fluids, touch is recorded in the liver. Please remember the soul sits 2-inches to the left of the liver. It can be said that the souls sits in the liver, hence the name “liver”.

The liver transforms / transmutes chemical and molecular structure, re-codes, writes new code and redesigns.

Liver troubles usually also affect the pituitary gland, reflects in poor eyesight, poor perception. When combines with stomach and pancreas can reflect inability to digest life.

Sadness is a sign of poor ailing livers.

Kidneys and Bladders (filter / fear)

Kidneys detox water (fluid)

Essentially the inability to filter out toxins, fear of the unknown.

Combined with ailing pancreas, reflects toxins are getting in / invading the system and causing inflammation.

Kidneys and hypothalamus malfunction is reflected with green colour urine which is a loss of hemoglobin.

Kidney and bladder problems can reflect low back pain, bags under eyes … fluid build up.

If thymus is affected then indicates poison has reached last line of defence infiltrated the system …

Usually inability to digest or deal or confront fears, terrors , phobias results in kidney problems/failures.

Kidney and liver issues reflect fear of change.

Kidney and adrenal glands can reflect fear of performing, fear of failing to accomplish, fear of failure, stuck in a rut.

Tuning Forks and Frequency

Many have asked for the tuning/fork musical notes for each of these glands:

Pineal / Hypothalamus = “G” … place on the crown

Pituitary = “C” … place on middle of forehead

Thyroid / Throat = “E” … place on any/either of collar bone (use with thymus frequency)

Thymus / Heart = “F#” …. … place on any/either of collar bone (use with thyroid frequency)

Solar Plexus = “A” …. place on pelvic bones

Sacral = “C#” … place on pelvic bones or pubic bone if can tolerate

Root = “D” … place on back bone (directly opposite belly button but lower … i think coccyx)

There is much music that can also help as well as colour using cheap electronic LED’s (forget all that expensive newage hype light glow torches and lasers). See link for more .

Ultra-Violet Light and Anti-oxidants

Last but not least, a very cheap way of working out if you are low on anti-oxidants is when you go to a night club or disco and you can see your hands or face glow under the UV black lights. This is one inidicator that you are low on anti-oxidants.

Too many free radicals can reflect rather than absorb UV light (especially important UV from our sun and galactic centre).

Be Well

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