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The chakras/glands associated with the WINGS OF ISIS are the pituitary (3rd eye/brow) and the pineal (crown) other wise known as the 6th and 7th chakras. Before continuing, something to know is that all chakras/glands work or operate in pairs . i.e. there is an inward and an outward valve like system for energy.

Imbalances can manifest itself on a cellular level where minerals andf vitamins and deficiency or excess can tend to be reflected by illnesses or diseases on one side of the body or the other.. i.e. left or right.

To explain this …. eg. a person may manifest kidney problems or ovary problems can and do usually on one side of the body …. eg. left side …. the same goes with eye problems … or lung etc.

This is due to inward and outward excess or blockages of the chakras, this is then reflected by excess or deficiency on mineral / vitamin make up.

Many may not know this but minerals/vitamins for example are left sided or right sided … i.e. each mineral is either left-turning or right-turning (left-handed or right-handed spin)..Some can be both. and usually one will find that if you have problems with left kidney then you are excess calcium. If you have problem with right kidney you can be excess magnesium or calcium deficient. The same can apply for sodium and potassium. One of many ways of reading the body is to determine which side illness or disease manifests the most ….

This is reflected by how minerals counter balance each other … eg. zinc vs. copper … or calcium vs. magnesium ….

All in all … there must be balance …. i’ll only touch on it here as received several emails telling me that calcium is the next best thing since sliced bread and to advocate anything else i must be a wrong …. i will go in detail in another email .,…. but essentially everything must be in balance.

Yes of course this applies to body mind and spirit …. when these are balanced they are reflected physically …. or one can cheat and keep their spacesuit physically balanced by keeping the biochemistry artificially balanced by measuring urine/saliva pH acid/alkaline …. keeping ORP (oxidative redox potential) below a level and EC (electrical conductivity) of fluids … all in balance …. and if you want to go further you can keep hormone levels in check with a simple hormone saliva test …. and when out of balance you simply adjust by consuming adjusted levels of minerals, vitamins and various chemicals to keep the spacesuit finely tuned.

On the calcium issue … it is much more complicated …. if you want to watch your kidneys fail in old age as well as your glands turn to little white rocks, stop functioningand severe bone loss … then keep on taking calcium supplements as well as dairy foods …. without any consideration to the balance of magnesium (the majority of spacesuits are severaly deficient in magnesium). Further to this as frequencies increase …. shift ….. we are biological returning back to original human 12+12 DNA design …. where copper will be replaced by magnesium and carbon by silica ….. our fingernails are left over memories of how our translucent skin used to look like with oxygen rich blood causing the colouration to appear blue (blue human).

Iin my quest to biologically ascend … natures design for our spacesuits was to make calcium from silica and/or magnesium and to make iron from manganese. Tthe worst thing you can do for your body is to consume inorganic forms of calcium and iron as well as huge amounts of organic forms of calcium i can not stress the number of MRI’s seen where pituitary , thymus and pineal are just rocks of white calcium stones … no longer supple – no longer able to produce hormones or conduct energy into and out of the body.

How is it that cows or chickens eat grass all day long which contains literally little calcium? yet they can produce lots of dairy calcium and many eggs which have hard calcium shells.

Grass or hay is made up primarily of silica. Further at the centre of chlorophyll is the magnesium atom.

getting back to the wings of isis … as mentioned chakras/glands operate in pairs …


crown < > pineal and hyopthalamus
brow < > inner and outer pituitary
throat < > thyroid and parathyroid
heart < > heart and thymus
solar < > pancreas and spleen
sacral < > left and right ovaries / testicles
root < > left and right adrenal glands

These work in tandem …. with both sides of each chakra … the inward and the outward …

Chakras are also the centre of gravity within the body …. it is said that when all chakras / glands are in harmonic balance then physical levitation can occur.

The purpose of disease is to break down the ego when it becomes out of balance … out of control … unchecked …. disease is the natural order of manifestation for breaking the ego down and keeping it in check …

There are different levels of bodies each associated with a chakra;

  1. Physical Body

is not a body but the glue between the cells of the spacesuit and the other bodies …. this is the connect / dis-connect point when there is NDE, Death, OBE.

  1. Emotional <> Solar plexus

the aura is not really a body of influence but a electromagnetic representation of the physical, etheric and emotional combined …. the heart chakra is associated with the aura due to it’s electrical magnetic and ionic action ….

  1. Mental <> Left brain
  2. Astral <> Kidneys
  3. Intent <> Spinal Cord / Heart
  4. Soul <> Pituitary and Right brain
  5. Spirit <> Pineal and Hypothalamus

The inner and outer pituitaty also work with the pineal and hypothalamus, the pineal is like a radio antenna receiver, it channels and steps down energy from the spirit/soul into the spacesuit. When changing frequency channels this is where it occurs. The pituitary takes this energy/information and and creates sensory biofeedback through the eyes, ears, nose and loops back.

The actual engine of creation in our external reality is again the heart / thymus. When both pituitary and pineal are in synch a resonance chamber or a communication corridor pathway is setup between the two, causing an illuminating view, see auras or experience kundalini effects. Electrical / magnetic / plasmic vibrant colours, 3rd eye peripheral vision. This sometimes can be heard as a hum or electrical crackling sound behind the ears.

When these two chakras begin to resonate together it is likened to that of dragon-fly wings buzzing, four wings, four chambers of the brain and thus why I the term it the “wings of isis”.

Pituitary/Brow and the Pineal/Crown Glands/Chakras

Globally if we equate the earth meridian/chakra points as to that of the human body we could say that North America = the Crown/Pineal and South America = Brow/Pituitary. This is very reflective as the crown is the main connection of communication (media/internet/tv etc) between oversoul and physical body as the brow chakra is the all seeing eye (visionary)… every continent has within it reflections of all the glands/chakras … but primarily take on one gland/chakra function as given in previous examples.

i.e. Mount Shasta is the heart chakra of the USA and Peru is the heart chakra of South America .. … When South America becomes equal to North America will a 3rd resonance harmonic begin to

There are two parts to the brow/pituitary … the inner and the outer … the inner pituitary gland (inner left eye/ear) balances with the outer pituitary (outer right eye/ear) ….

The inner pituitary/brow = co-ordination/control and observation

This gland chakra is concerned with how one sees themselves (inward) which then reflects outwardly. Physically it controls the genetic makeup. It receives code/communication from the crown chakra and then proceeds to direct the DNA/genes program. However it also relies on the thymus for synchronisation and harmony for co-ordination. Please understand the heart/thymus chakra is key central to all glands/chakras.

Weakness in the pituitary chakrea/gland is reflected by poor eyesight (poor inner vision or poor hearing) which is metaphoric for distorted perception. Inability to grasp concepts or inability to observe or see things as they are. Could also mean losing control of reality creation or ones manifested reality was not the desired result/outcome.

The ability or inability to solve problems can also be linked to this gland chakra. Other physical ailments representative of this are shakes or easily dropping things, uncoordinated, falling/tripping over.

Outer Pituitary/Brow = dreams and visions

This part of the gland/chakra is responsible creating hormones in particular with the female reproductive organs …. also its main function on the physical level is to control body fluid regulation/balance and pressure although this can be also metaphorically representative of fluidity as in dreams and visions ….

When the outer pituitary/brow is weak or blocked in combination with the heart/thyrmus chakra …. can manifest as edema/swelling …. this is manifest of holding on to past dreams/visions … or when impatience is experienced due dreams/visions not occuring or taking too long to manifest as one desires … also this can equate with electrical conductance …. i.e. as fluid retention occurs meaning they body/chakra needs more spark or conductance …..

The opposite can be said when one is losing fluids in excess … unable to hold fluids ..this can represent dreams / visions happening to fast than one is able to absorb or deal with …. and so is the opposite to needing spark or conductance but actually needing insulation ….. nausea … dizzy … vomiting can be physical manifestations when this is out of balance.

Inability to control dreams/visions can result in ibability to control fluid balance and and pressure … in line with heart/thymus can result in high or low blood pressure … but generally ailments physically speaking are associated with loss … loss of dreams … loss of vision … loss of people …. loss of memory … loss of energy to a degree … to much energy focused on the linear past …

If there is also a weak thymus/heart chakra incombination with outer brow chakra then this will result in severe memory loss ….another emotion i’m getting is grief can be associated with this …

Things liked blocked noses or sinuses can be reflective of fluid imbalance or pressure … and should be considered …

If the heart and brow chakra/glands are not balanced then the pancreas will fail causing diabetes ,,, fastest growing ailment of the 20th century … and as we know diabetes can cause blindness and a host of other ailments …. all reflective of this breakdown … (will cover this in the SEEDS of OSIRIS) section.

Pineal / Crown Chakra

This gland also functions in a pair … i.e. its counterpart is the hypothalamus = inner pineal (it’s not really part of the pineal … but the pineal feeds into the hypothalamus) …

The outer pineal … the the crown jewel … crown crystal … is shaped like a pine cone … built of fibonaci / phi ratio spiralling ratchets … in fact the way i see it in my inner mind … like a torsion wave/chamber …

This is the ultimate communication crystal set radio receiver … please note the brain itself does not generate thought …. and this includes the glands and organs for they do not think … however thoughts flow through them … and are reflected through them …. again the painter and his canvas …

The pineal gland itself is the antenna .. receiver … the link-up … ground control to space-station … or space-suit to mothership (soul/spirit) … now that said and done…. please also note how central the heart/thymus is …. because if your communication receiver is knocked out or damaged the some parts of the soul can still feed in through the heart/thymus chakra … the body can still remain alive … but is not conscious … i.e. your computer is still powered up …. but the program (mind) is frozen … locked …then one has to try force a soft-reboot (NDE) … if not then reset (death) …

The crown chakra is a communication device receiving energy/thought and then stepping down the energy/thought … like a transducer / coil / transformer … converting this energy into electrical nerve pulses within the brain … always remember the MIND-body (both conscious and sub-un-conscious) is only a program that based on belief/experience filters the code from the soul/spirit … much like your firewall/gateway/anti-virus which is blocking out anything that it thinks is not “right” or “inferior” to it … and this can sometimes be “good” code where ONLY it is accepting/allowing to pass through that which fits its limited frame/grid otherwise belief….

The Inner Pineal

Also known as the hypothalamus which looks after evalutation, assessing … focus …. attention … the hypothalamus is the realtionship/connect between the body and the soul … or the seen and the unseen …. the outer crown/pineal is that of the unseen and the hypothalamus is that of the seen ….

The inner pineal is linked to awareness … weakness can be indicated by inability to focus … unaware of what is happening around oneself … overwhelmed by energy/communication coming in …. lost/confusion …. misperception …

This gland/chakra is linked to calcification of the human body … inlcuding the other glands … eg. hypothalamus and kidneys can represent toxins /// toxic thoughts … poisons … inability to deal with trauma ..

When not in balance the hypothalamus and the inner pituitary can be wild distorted imagination … or unable to percieve or visualise information …

Hypothalamus and pancrease/solar plexus … can create blocked energy pressure build up in eyes … nose … sinus … forehead … headaches …

Using Sound or Tuning Forks to Balance Chakras

Here use the frequencies of “C” (pituitary) and “G” (crown) …. 256hz or 512hz and 384hz respectively. You can place the tuning forks, one between your eyebrows (slightly above) and the other on top of your crown chakra. This wilk create a chord with “E” and ovetones of C inside causing the wings of isis to buzz ../ synchronise.

Another option is to place either on each ear bone (behind the ear) (linked to the cerebellum pary of the brain).

Musically .. for me …. this area is activated/balanced with music of Vivaldi strings mainly arpeggios … this for me gets the wings of isis buzzing … the four seasons … or the four chambers … there is another piece but you may not find it … by an underground russian techno group called PPK which have a short track called “RESSURECTION” [non-dance version] (circa 2000) …. and listening to this track through headphones … can help synchronises both these glands/chambers … again i can only speak for myself …. also if any one has KITARO (japanese new age muso) … most tracks through headphones will help in this area ..

Another good place is place the tuning forks is on the collar bones, one on each side, doesn’t matter which side do what feels comfortable.

If placing the above tuning forks on the brow and crown is too sensitive you can use the collar bones to transmit most sound/signal to the glands and cells of the body, including DNA. The collar bones are connect to the ear bones. Funny that how the thymus has a way of communicating with the ears/eyes and brain, it’s done thru the collar bones, the collar bones and the skull bones behind the ears are the best places for sound wave conduction thru the body/brain/cells.

Essentially a hormone is a bunch of proteins grouped together. These hormones are produces by the glands and released into the blood. They then travel to and bind with cells which are programmed to receive them. When this is achieved DNA is copied to RNA. If the cell is malfunctioning or can not receive the hormone then bad copies are made or no copies are made. The reverse occurs also if no homrones or not enough hormones are received, then cells do not copy or the copy is corrupted. Same goes with excess hormones, everything needs to be balanced, excesses or deficiencies will result in imbalance.

Next article in this series is Swords of Osiris

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