BLANCHE McLANAHAN :: Introduction and Overview

She Who Watches – She Who listens – She You Waits – She Who Speaks

In memory of Charles

Introduction and Overview

My husband and I were farmers in Santa Barbara. In the early 80’s we had many plain circular glyphs in our alfalfa fields. Initially he believed they were done by deer in our fields……later realizing they were perfect circles along wheel lines (but not touching them) without any entrance points. When he installed circular pivots for irrigation the circles began dotting the hills surrounding our ranch. What is more interesting is that our ranch was located over a dynamic aquifer… underground lake or large body of water. Our soil was sand (silica) in which he grew overly abundant crops. The tonnage exceeded that of other farmers in the area.

In 1994 my beloved husband Charles died. Just 13 hours prior to which time he’d postulated a simplistic hypothesis stating ” free the sub-atomic spaces by releasing the contained rest energies and the molecules and cells will recalibrate their energy and mass using a new molecular conformation.”

I immediately realized he was referring to the message in the circle formations, as we had spoke often regarding their scientific connection. Science had been his hobby, but the man was a farmer.

Then, he reminded me of something Heraclitus, an early philosopher (in 450 B.C.) had said, “……..that from its centre all is equidistant at any point on the periphery.” Charles always believed that Heraclitus was referring to the energy of the sun, and the structure of the atom. Based on that he’d proposed a new elucidation of the atoms.

Using this new structural determination he isolated hydrogen as the only true bipolar sphere. Considering Balmer’s analysis of hydrogen he’d formulated a new speed of light based on the 31 bands and light spectrum. He said that the hydrogen frequency was the key to harnessing the atom because it had no neutron.

He then began a restructuring of the periodic table of all other known elements. Isotopes he called anomalies, perpetuating the bipolar dysfunction. Basically it boiled down to hydrogen being the only true bipolar sphere and all others of a monopolar basis. His proposals he based on redefining the properties and function of the neutron…… very specific neutron.

Throughout the years since his death I have followed the language of the circles based on this early finding. I have concluded theoretical principles of the new elucidation in just a few short propositions. On that basis alone, the circles are much easier to read. The message is telling us to shift our current electron theory and begin integrating the atoms monopolarity or this Monopolar Technology. Due to the current bipolar wobble and the ensuing magnetic shift of energy our current technological functions will cease to serve us.

The Crabwood formation indicates that it was their technology that locked them in a space without time. Circles in the past have indicated that Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty can be resolved using this new elucidation…….wherein (q) = (p) or the position and momentum of an electron are one and the same, occurring simultaneously. Where time will not elude us in this linear chronological format concealed within dogma dictate in a space/time continuum.

Water is the basis for all matter and is key to unraveling the crop circle maker mystery. The relationship Earth shares with the sun, as the principles of photosynthesis are realized on the surface, explains the geometry of each circle as Earth’s membrane expresses that which is required of her molecular memory chip….. Cutaneously she is proposing using diseased symptomology her cure and mankinds salvation.

Earth’s core or iron ballast, now mislaid due to a ferric domain, requires recalibration of energy to mass ratios. This domain or “ferrous bar en hydromagna” is cause of the tilt in her axis. To fracture this, water will carry the requirement of a greater energy from the angle of the sun, followed by an immediate shutdown during the equinox 0 tilt and solstice at a maximum tilt, so magnetics can realign Earth’s template. Therein the iron porphyrin within the blood stream of man should shift clockwise, and correct the 45 degree left shift of its spin. For, with this the frameshift mutation would no longer exist. This will occur as we harness the atom and breach the energy/matter construct.

If man can become cognitive of Earth’s demands, thereby assisting in this breach of equilibrium in the energy/matter construct, we would at once and again find ourselves connected with the Cosmic Circuit which runs in 24,000 year cycles, as apposed to the current figure of 25,920.

BIASHI-TURA E=(q) (p) if; ME=psi
4 inversions=L2

My music goes with you for cure of humanity’s wrong. To invert the affront when you fail to sing my song. And when you fail to strike the harmonic or rhyme the words I will sing it for you as I paint the pictures which can’t be heard.

The script codes on the surface are in line and motion with time. The spirals twist then unfold to form a line. These bands then differentiate the spectral color and Earth’s gravity shows face in vibration of all her flowers.

Take a walk in these fields where circles form. Seek the root of the atoms which stray the norm. Levels of the esters in growth as enzymes catalyze, Amino acids build the molecules for the protein we synthesize.

Learn from the message inlaid how to genetically realign, growth of the plant and man are intertwined. Primal DNA is gift of Mother Earth no man can claim. All memory of time in soil or script in stone are here engrained.

Tis not man’s sight to enable the brains’ circuitry recognition, a stimulus for our thought’s cognitive revelations. Messages on Earth’s canvas guide us in times of need. Historical repetition of linguistics mankind must heed.

Renditions by an unknown artist paint of “a lost memory” now past, a forgotten language in the shadows time has outcast. Secrets lie in the tractor lines of the farmer, he who lies in all of us, that we might steer for directive towards the curves which meet life’s circumference.

A parallel duality knows of inertial thresholds where inversion of the kinetic releases the potentials. The angle for time is four cubed concealed in Pythagorean analysis, for as it spirals it meets linear light now in shadows of darkness.

Earth’s mass must reciprocate unto lights energy demand; the black of night absorbs in silence the need of reprimand. Empty spaces hold contained rest energies where diffraction of the light bends time for gravity to appease.

Weights with greater force will shift the ballast mislaid, lines perpendicular meet the curves in degree of the isosceles delay. Four inversions in life’s circle build a complex frame; convex surfaces turn the image round the other way.

Internal chambers where the concave inversion is confronted should turn an upside down picture upright but it does not. In angle of the genetic prismatic profile reflect through the ocular aqueous membrane, lies cloaked the true reflection in the skulls refractory index’ claim.

The brain’s encapsulating mechanism found mutant angles of degree, the internal **vorticity is apathetic where nine tenths found atrophy. Should the mandible align at ninety degrees and the soft palate 45 degrees to project, light would re-fuse and diffuse the stimulus for the circuitry of memories neglect.

Linear light will strike the brain’s internal point of origin and ignite, the circuitry in breach of the horizontal septum and bring the left to know the right. **Perfusing now these long forgotten links to thought in mind awakens simplicity to the complex reason without rhyme.

Stability for momentum found an axis at a forty-five degree left shift. Heavy metals to contain kinetic energy and the potential cannot lift. Take a ninety-degree angle and lay it on a line and a convex curve. The geometric design signifies what the Egyptian long ago learned. Now take the line and concave curve and the image will proclaim; a square inside the circles as seen during the Mayan reign.

As the circles spin upside down energy is absorbed and conducted through crystals of apatite, and the vertical climb of the cord feeds the stem **perfusing the brain with vibrations for sight. The index within the skull creates the picture to reflect what is inside from out, as does the line camera to project the bands of color giving darkness clout.

Take the right angle and face the point on a line, you will see the image of the cross and four quadrants where the circle spirals in time. Our language documents these shadows or deficit in light during era of man’s error of an ignorance sublime.

Pragmatic man conceals in scripture the degree of deficit in characters who breach the line. Interference portrayed as a fractal through time. In distortion of the simplistic whole our language is the aberrant foci of which man expresses to play the role.

Our brain is the Tower of Babel hemispheres barred of this vertical divide, this septum should traverse the temporal region putting them side-by-side. As the stem feeds the brain and the energy is bled through the eyes, now shadows will exist as the mass and energy find the cat in the box to equal psi.

Crop Circles to feed the farmer whose soul lies in all of us…and their message to tend the Earth or she will turn to dust. Let go the minds complex and distorted creation, Mandlebrot’s root is simplistic symbol of the spirits procreation.

Stability is founded at the ninety degree angle of a cross, then lost momentum of 60 degrees during the lateral pole shift and the tetrahedral loss. 120 degrees of the Isosceles triangle offers us multiples of 30 degrees as apposed to obstruction of 45 degrees left creating an oblique angle.

Tetrahedral formation and the Isosceles should not overlay…therein man finds death to be covered in his grave. Equilibrium will resurrect matter after it reaches full decay, photosynthesis is key to rebuild and shown in symbols at Newgrange.

A healing center to balance the energy from the sun, physiologic revival so the heart can’t go wrong. To heal the earth is to free the mind, absorb the sun to reach height of our climb.

Evolutionary ladders sing a song of mutant codes. Evolution without time is song only time’s past knows. My song did not go with you and you failed to sing the legends which spiral and twist in time, so the Earth will sing for you now and the music of the primal DNA can unwind.

The Japanese sing of Takashi, the tiny saplings who bend in the wind, Revelations sings for the tribe in root of David and the one to loose the seven seals, “Behold, Fear not” the elders saith.


Man has forgotten the healing power of the wind nor is he to reason taking notice as she in anger gusts to lift the things of his creation. We do not understand her language, though she speaks in tongue to mend. We believe it is our power to control and that nature has no say. No longer do we hear the sweet vibration as she ruffles the trees or gives flight to the birds and their song. We take for granted these things, not to question where they come from. All around us life is thriving and dependent on us. We need to see the things we do, for if not, then these winds of time shall blow our ash away.

In Earths sacred places lies the truths yet to unfold ……………

Is it for the one to reach out amongst the crowd speaking only for himself? Or shall the many rise and speak for the one? And should this one suffer indifference of the whole and find banishment, then it is not the one to lose but the many. Unification brings truth and enlightenment, so that the one might gain for all.


In that sea of light reflecting heavenly bodies Earth drifts amidst the darkness and illusions confront in convex surfaces as they align. The core mediator; the iron porphyrin and Earth’s core choreograph nitrogens blue light…… Placing iron in its true perspective and prohibiting an event of oxidative bounds. Therein tracing course as zinc and aluminum rest in outline of her spark. All mineral constituent await their time and motion in the space of things.

She feeds the color of each and promotes growth of the species. Her magnetics align the planets and balances all things. As it is she aligned with hydrogen from the sun…..where centropy breaches the energy/matter construct as entropy loses sight of chaos. The light of hydrogen is both kinetic and potential energy and the only true bipolar sphere.

She disperses secrets as each revolution charts the stars bringing heaven into our view despite our lack of recognition. Monopolarity defines this unifier known as light. Through the cutaneous membrane it feeds our needs, for it is therein all desire is met.

As hydrogen diffuses from the sun in silence of an unseen force, it meets refraction in Earth’s last concentric ring. The true potential now in discourse of refraction and unable to break the silent bond is locked in the firmament of time.

But because of the secrets held in the light persistence shall manifest resolve as the erosion of the ozone is realized. In lights manner of speaking it will lift gravitational constraints freeing man from this tomb that encapsulates and prevents him from seeing. When the light and sound synchronize time will be no more and HEAVEN SHALL COME UNTO EARTH…..then the silence of our plea will fill our hearts. With the love of hydrogen’s light, time and gravity shall no longer be for us to appease.

Release us from these chains held in ferric domain, so our return will never be again. Free us from these turbulent bonds of iron that prevent our being………..ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

what else is there?

We shall evade the illusion of time in this dimension to realize the nucleus of every atom is the magnet of its sphere.
The monopole projecting our existence and gravity the opposing force maintaining our dance with life.
In crystalline chambers of the atomic structure lie the acoustics for harmonics to resonate and here piezoelectric sparks infuse life with a perpetual vibratory motion and the choreography of her dance.
We will with this knowledge slip through time into another and there ask, once again, WHY?…………………………………


If this be so, then all of time is manifest in the refractive potential of light. Refraction=time, then Gravity and electromagnetism are synonymoous in the light.

These gravitational/electromagnetic waves are the anomaly manifest and equivalent to light’s refractive potential. ie.; the motion of light as a wave function moving in different directions. Polarization where force fields move in a different direction than the light. Wave propagation where the trough of the wave runs back to back.

Photons of light are linear…a magnetic velocity vs. or to equal gravities electromagnetic concentric frequency.

Our thoughts are the key to unraveling the age old mystery of time. We are creatures of thought. The prerequisite for any hypothetical posture is thought.

Until we can access the grand unified theme reconciling the energy to mass ratios using the principles of light, we will continue on this vacillating wave function where time finds no end. The key to time will no longer come into question when energy and mass find equilibria in the light. Light will unify the forces and we should then know an evolution without the time factor.

Well, it was merely 13 hours and 20 minutes later I could still hear my husband Charles making this statement regarding subatomic spaces and contained rest energy. Now 8 years later I have come to a conclusion about this statement with a conceptualization, and theoretical proposals for integration.

Using Proposition 1 we must integrate a new elucidation of the atom. Second, a rethinking with restructuring of the periodic table of the elements due to this new elucidation, and taking into consideration Propostion 2: “a ferrous bar en hydromagna” which elucidates the anomaly in the m shell of the transition metals, primarily the iron atom.

Proposition 3: Monopolar technology vs. Bipolar Technology is a result of the prior thinking from 1 and 2. Using the atom of hydrogen, the only true bipolar sphere; the term to define its propensity to bond and instability, we tap into the energy and mass of all other atom’s of monopolarity for a perpetual energy utilizing the principle function of the neutron or psi meson, its quark and anti quark, as a reverse bias.

Propositions 4 and 5 are roughly an extension of the other thought forms in building a genetically encoded integrated circuit (5) based on an index or template for light (4)….to reconcile my mind on the fact that light unifies all the forces. So when the L2=EM time will be no more.

TIME AND SPACE L2=EM if; [(cv) (hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2

Equation herein shows factor for the imbalance time cost.

Planck’s Constant to remind us of the deficit in energy loss.

A shift must incorporate the factor of time

As dimensions shift insanity will border the line.

Time bends light’s linear path in curves to spiral reflection amiss

Uneven flow projects the shadow of interference or tale of the dark abyss.

Man’s thought blends reason though his eyes deceive

Light bends cloaking the true incidence for reality.

To gain knowledge and sense the harmony

Earth’s sphere is insight to the atomic monopolarity.

Light is equal to the harmonic of the frequency and velocity

Electromagnetic duality riding parallel in spectral ferocity.

Time is the deception as reason finds man

With potential energy in need of reprimand.

In this, the creation and regeneration for replication

Is known refractive potential equates time’s equation.

Allow time’s treason considering the mass and space

The energy is adequate in mirror of the atoms true face.


L2=EM if; [(cv) (hv) (1/2mv2)]=L2

The energy is greater than the mass. We must fracture the ferric domain which manifests the darkness and creates the illusion of time. Our behaviors are manifest of the disequilibrium wherein our place in the space/time continuum is locked in the hyperbolic curve with a resultant asymptote which equates to pi. It is the line moving off into infinity wherein is manifest the illusion of this linear chronological time that dictates our lives. This line must meet the curve @90 degrees perpendicular for light and sound to strike the harmonic. An index for light that has no refractory potential. It is here the gravitational constraints that encapsulate and entomb our being will find release. If we are to exit the door, we must incorporate the degree of pi to the curve and once again meet the line of light.

Within the time variable lies a differential. That differential is the deficit we suffer which manifests the time factor. This negative factor creates a wave function that runs back to back. Time will be isolated and put to rest using Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity in cooperation of the quantum field theory now at hand.

Time can be measured and cancelled out by using the refractive potential of light. Refraction is at angle and degree of pi.

When the light is squared an incident angle shall equal its reflection. In view of a unified field, it is the light squared that equals the energy and mass. Photosynthesis is a linear magnetic velocity vs. gravity’s electromagnetic concentric frequency. A parallel duality to conform in opposition as the line meets the curve, then in circumference light blends in factor for degree in deficit of time to equate the sum.



If forward time were a conic with accentricity of e>1, would the past equate to e>-1 moving south on the conjugated axis? Could time then be locked in degree and angle of Pi at the latus rectum flowing in on the transverse line of a hyperbolic curve creating time?

If energy and mass varied in sorted vibrations of negative and positve numbers, then backward and forward motion on the line should hold the energy and mass in proportion. If C2 is >the speed of light and -1is > 1, but is equal to a negative number, then the square root of a negative number =the sum of a positive number and the ‘now of time’ would remain in the constants of linear time while the speed of light stagnates. But, as the energy increases the mass increases proportionately and the speed of light accellerates. The ratio of velocity squared times the constant squared causes an increased speed of light. Should the velocity exceed the current speed of light then time would run backwards on the negative vibration.

In degree of latitude from times point of origin, our perspective is enabled a mere 19.5 degrees North or South and we are locked in the curve of our time in line with space. . And our place of observation does not rest on the line or curve and is founded at the centre, where all understanding becomes equidistant and is uniform at any point on the periphery.

Are we not in the place of infinity where the line and curve breach revolutions demand? Because if the light squared equals the energy and the mass, but time is locked in a hyperbolic curve, then our observations and search for truth are blinded in the shadows of refraction.


Time is equal to four 90 degree quadrants of the mass. L2 with speed whose return in frequency are test. If time is slowed in the evolutionary wave potential is lost, momentum its slave. Lights constituent in mean of parallel line equate the mass and energy to rffract time. No degree to suffer in shadows cast, interference now released and time is freed, ALAS !



I have never looked at Chess as a ‘simulated game of war’. The board of 64 bases or squares and its pieces I liken to a ‘simulated genetic game of life’………I think that when the Earth’s axis shifted, so did the electromagnetic fields, breaching our communication board or circuit, thus the need for language where a better understanding or form of communication had to be developed or simply recognized.
Certainly the spin, the axis, angular momentum, centrifical force and gravity have a great deal to do with the refraction of light and the shadows manifest of this 64 base template for the light. But, I also think it is therein, the template for light that we could bring unification of all these many variables and simplify our wondering. This template is in definition of the monopolarity theory.

Monopolar technology also invites man’s connection to machine through his thoughts by way a genetically encoded integrated circuit.

The following poem I wrote to synthesis this thinking.


In these quantum spaces void of time which knows no fate, inertia holds reflection in thresholds on which to begin the race. Any space without time shall succumb in time to shed space and it is herein the atom’s nucleus dictates. Particles flow and too collide in silence of an unseen force, her concave chamber a door once open sets our course. Here the lines run parallel for mean in flow the frequency, velocity and potential settles in line of the spectral harmony. Now within confines of her unceasingly limited borders, we view two lines who now must cross in perpendicular of disorder. A point in the origin of fate where is gained new directive…knows checkmate and the professed foil now to be one subjective. Electromagnetic waves flush organizing quantum particles, respective of the order in gravity’s last concentric circle. Photon beams of light are linear and drawn in of the momentum, magnetic pull in confined space supplies gravity’s required energy essential.

A pawn now this King whose distance will always be heard, as hydrogen from the sun diffuses with silence of the unspoken word. A message to those mortal to pay in full the peasants wage, a prize we win in sum as these quantum spaces merrily disengage.

In view the King’s cup and sparkling shining ladle, lies reflect the secrets to that told in the fable. For the eye to peer the atom’s convex surface or deflective frame, is a picture twice upright and the face is to match the name. But as we look from the inside out in profile of the other side, our perspectives change and the brain inverts concavities reflective ride.

Inside the atom’s centre is four times the right angled view, with height though upside down, is brief of the nuclear preview. Light decides the incidence as entropy conforms to sight, now inversion sets reflection on the other side upright. A square confines each player within the game of lifes’s sphere, Checkmate is never final in the circle after shadows disappear.

We are perched precariously with this current stance of negative behavior and ______expression. Forgiveness is the only alternative, otherwise time will end only to circumvent and start again. We have been here before in the past. The story has been told scattered throughout the ages and lay in waste of artifact in its rubble. Let us not return to starting over with sticks and stones.

Blanche McLanahan

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