Celebrate Life – Enable others with Understanding. In Memory of Donnie W.

Understanding the purpose of life and what we are as a person is important. Each of us at some point within our lives, has asked many of the same age-old questions as our ancestors did.

Why am I here?

What is the reason?

What can I do to be a better person?

What is the truth?

And most all of them questions can be answered when the core foundations are understood as to what life itself is.

By observing many disciplines of knowledge a concept stands out as practically universal, the rendition of “light”. In some fashion or another by words, drawings or even a rendition of the term “light” as a symbol, it is uncanny to observe. Of science, the concept of “light” is not used to define life itself but it is represented as a part of the chain of the process. That is where the interest shows itself. Symbolism such as the ankh, the cristos, the cross, even in prayer-blessings, by the motion of hand, there is a rendition that even unknowingly, has the perpendicular planes (the cross). In the electrical field, the perpendicular planes of EM (light) are practically uncontestable. The electromagnetic (EM) fields in perpendicular planes are literally the perfect cross of nature. The range of size to the EM fields is from smaller than an atom to the size of the universe. The electromagnetic fields (light) have been measured from gamma ray to radio wavelength and the spectrum includes the light that we see. All wavelengths of “light” within the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum are of the cross of Electric and Magnetic fields. The use of the fields are principle and as a foundation of electricity usage. All electricity is enabled by the fields of electromagnetism, in all cases. A question to consider how many are truly aware that light (EM) is important to most all communications and the 5 senses, themselves? What is exchanging are the EM fields of light, from color to a single water molecule; the state of energy is the portion used and the elements just convey the light.

The point of this representation is to enable the comprehension of life in a way that few have yet to see. For example, you can visually observe these words by light. No chemicals are exchanges between you and me but you have the ability to experience the exchange of light and dark marks on a page to comprehend in coherence of the words. To move ahead, your conscious mind is of light, coherent of itself. The coherence of light upon the mass that is our body is how the consciousness works. Some call it the “spirit of life”. Some may claim it’s the soul but in the most applicable state of energy, it is light. The light of life exists upon mass, to even be present. When a person dies, the mass is still there, but “the lights are out”. The process has ended but there is more.

If you are reading this then you are able to see and experience being “alive”. The most common sense of being conscious is an ability to experience the self from the perspective of an “I”. Each of us are a living process, coherent of its own being. A conscious person can participate as an “I” or an “aye” so to speak. Yet each night the body sleeps and the mind is not coherent of itself. The method to consider addressing the conundrum of sleep and awake is to realize the life itself as the process, versus the experience. For example; the butterfly is alive but how much experience of its own metamorphosis?

Mother and Father give Sperm/Egg:

Each of us is from the sperm and egg of our parents. Upon conception the 2 single celled living forms (sperm/egg) combined to become a new single celled living process. At gestation, the single cell, then divides and eventually grow to develop the next generation. As simple as it seems, we each came from celled life, the sperm and egg of our parents, alive and in the flesh.

In the actual sense, the living process existed within the sperm/egg during copulation. The living process like every process of life gives a portion of itself to develop and live within the environment. It is true that the eggs and sperm of the parent developed within the parents and are alive during copulation. Upon combining, the gestation begins based on the living instinct of the cells. It is quite simple to comprehend that the life developing into a fetus over the term of pregnancy to eventually enable the living child birth. The genetic material which combined is the recorded process to develop the next generation. It is basic common sense that the current generation is from the previous generation in all cases. What is interesting is to realize that the next generation is alive within the previous, before birth.

To simplify the dialogue, the child is literally from the parents giving a portion of their own self that lives into the next generations. It is their very life, which is literally living into the new period. What that comprehension enables is more layers of understanding; that we are each of the living process of our ancestor that is literally still in process in us all. All of us are from our previous generations that in fact gave a portion of themselves, for each of us to even be here . Likewise, if we give of our self, to copulate with another life, we live within that contribution. Then if our children enable a new generation, we again are of that process. The process is literal versus metaphorical or hypothetical. But still, note a form of wisdom, “honor” thy mother and father’. What more vesting exists then, when “you are them and they are you”?

The warmth is realizing what the “life” of our own body actually is. Many police helicopters can see you in infrared. That “heat” is light radiating. Then remember that when we sleep, the conscious awareness of our self is out but the processes, the life, the breathing, the heartbeat, our cells, what we did yesterday are still in motion. That change in perspective enables you in being consciously aware of the living process and the conscious experience of being “alive”. When the conscious mind of each person sleeps “the lights are out” in a sense, but the body is alive.

It is why when we have a friend, a loved one, and most directly, a family member leaves us to pass on. We can understand that the consciousness is not necessarily the life but that the ability for the living process to represent itself and know it is doing it, no longer continues. To assist with reasoning, please note that the recorded memories of person’s individual perspective are held upon the mass of the body. An example of this fact is an Alzheimer’s patient as evidence that the life is aware but the memories are often no longer available to recollect and restate. The logic is to understand, that the moments of memories for each of us, is biological just the same and recorded within us. The mind and memories are structures upon mass, caused by “light”. See polariton, soliton, exciton for research that can enable the mental comprehension of the concept of energy upon mass. I will represent, that not 1 of the mentioned descriptions, as of yet, claims the phrase of “energy upon mass” as that is fundamental to what the paradigm shift is all about. But when you read the publications with the new view it is apparent.

Each child, living is from the contributions by previous generations in all cases of natures processes. There is a story of “Adam and Eve”, which shares that Adam slept and a portion of his own self was used to enable “Eve”. Such can be observed of all cell divisions and procreations. The initial life, gives a portion of itself to live into the next generation.

What to find resolute is the living process is naturally in action instinctively. To the molecular level, the life of the mass, the energy causing the atoms to even combine, is light (electromagnetic) in all cases. The Bohr Analogy will clearly open up as a point of view that for any 2 elements to combine, to enable any molecule to exist, is by “light”. The electron rises to a valence state by a “photon”. What few retain logically is the awareness that “light” itself is electromagnetic in every wavelength of the spectrum. The concept to assist with the term “electromagnetic” (em) is to understand the perpendicular planes of the electric and magnetic fields. As it appears directly orientated em is literally the perfect cross. All electricity, all cell phone transmission, all colors, sunlight and even for any experience we know, point to “light” as being a part of all of it. The light that we see is but a very small portion of the em spectrum but everything is of “light”.

You and I can exchange these points of view and know it, because of light (em).

By this point, I must disclose that the bridging of concepts being read here are not based on open book science, because most of the concepts are unfolding, in this generation. The em fields are actually in use and how much of the current technology even works but the concept the “life’ being of “light’ is esoteric to even a brain surgeon. The brain surgeon is not observing the process to the level of atoms and energy. But as pure as it is the fields of a simple electrical transformer are not chemical and yet that is how electricity is conditioned for usage. Again, to bridge to comprehension opens up a paradigm shift of realizing who and what we are as life.

Our previous generations are what enabled our lives and they live in us, as we sit. To know that, is how to realize the metaphor of “raising the fathers to the flesh’. We are them, alive and have lived “to the ages’. The children are the future generations of us. We are them and they are us.

Loved Ones are still ALIVE:

What I hope can be understood is that when we feel a loss of a loved one, we can always know that they are alive within this existence, in what they left for us to experience and appreciate. Elvis left us a “Hound Dog’ and Graceland for example and they live in us all, just by the creations which did not exist prior. My parents and great great great great grand parents since the beginning of time, enabled me, my mother, my father and the ability for all of us (them), to experience now.

I can be found to say, that if you love someone, just that much, then plant a tree. That life and contribution that YOU choose to enable to live, is based on LOVE. You can give of yourself, to enable life to live longer and that life can outlive all of your conscious days. The birds that sing, the bees that pollinate and the process of that whole system can be based on what you did by choice. These words herein are based on love, care and the reason to enable lives to understand. It is like teaching a child to tie their shoes, in which you could leave us tomorrow, but that gift of your energy to that child, can assist them hopefully, in not tripping, simply because you cared for another beyond yourself. It’s practically magic and the core of Love, empathy for life (an entanglement of light).

Good and Bad Defined:

Please keep in mind that “we’ can cause actions to exist, by our choice and them actions that we impose to exist, live beyond our day of conscious awareness. It is like having a magic wand and creating a splash onto the biggest oceans of the universe. The waves can enable the greatest beginnings to such tangents as hate. “Good” actions that we can cause to exist “support life to continue’. The life lives longer based on a choice, to cause it. The best good is empathy for life.

Bad: loss to the common:

Measure even the commandments of Mark 10:19 with the good and bad for “life. Note that the commandments reflect personal responsibility of what not to do but not what to do and why.

Do a measure of the “good and bad’ as if you are causing a living process.

If what was written for you to understand here about “life’ is actually “good’ it will live and be enabled for others to comprehend for themselves. If not, it will fade over time. I was inspired to give a bit of myself, planting the seeds (tree), that will rise in the light, with other light, by choice and because each can choose to give of self, for life to continue.

Celebrate Life.

Do you know what it means to take up your cross, now?

Todd Biesiada

Copyright (c) 2015

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