Do not become attached to the bright glittering lights and colour. For you will miss the essence of substance with in which it covers.

For without darkness there would be no temporal worlds and dimensions of space to exist within. For darkness is the creator of all unknown creative potentials.

There is no such thing as a flaw an error a cosmic rift. For creation and all that exists within it is as it is.

What you term an error or a flaw is but only an the illusion of it. Remove the illusion and you will see there is no flaw in creation. However removing the illusion is what is at crux here.

In the holographic operating system of creation’s patterns there are/were a couple of hackers under the Elijehovi led by Gabriel and Michael gestalts who placed a subtle twist (virus) in the divine patterns of creation. Rather than starting from a geometric center to form the patterns of potential creation.

These in service to self (maligned) gestalts generated the pattern from a “double mirror image” and convinced ALL that this version as the true pattern.

They started from the outside rather than the inner centre but mirror imaged it to make it look like it was from the centre.

This is the cause of all of the “crashes” (due to flaw-error) needing reboot because when you try to analyse your position within creation’s divine pattern you can never come to a complete resolution / completion (source) as you always find yourself off-centre.

This false version of the HGOS is identical to the true HGOS in every way and is causing your soul family matrix / greater-selves in this and other universes / dimensions.

All kinds of problems in retrieving the false copies as it contains a boot virus which alters all true copies of HGOS. Whenever contact (recall to home) is made causing the system to crash … memory wipe … loss of memory …

The cosmic and galactic alignments 2013-2017…. coming … is the call-to-home / recall. The only time that the double-mirror image can be seen for what it really is … “an illusion” is during these alignments.

And is when you will have the ability-sight and assistance if prepared for it to find your way thru the maze back to the centre within and over come the illusion of the error-flaw.

Chaos and order exist in one and the same moment and both serve to sustain each other. Through evolution and involution creating all infinite potentials.

That which is created becoming unstable unable to remember self/source unable to become self-referential releases form and returns back into creation’s pool.

That which does remember self/source of being creates form and evolves to create replicating further of its divine self in its own divine image just as single cell becomes a human space-suit for you.

This is the cosmic tree of life, ever expanding and compressing. Universes upon universes reaching backwards and beyond time itself. Parallel universes and universes not yet come into being. All existing simultaneously going beyond time and space itself. The entire realm of existence is but a great flower in eternal and infinite bloom.

If you could only gaze upon your stars that flicker in your minds eye and trace the underlying cellular matrix of the living cosmic clockwork. The very laws that govern your universes and all dimensions of light and darkness that exist within are your GENETIC CODE it is all self assembling, self sustaining and self replicating.

And with each infininite moment of creation is a variation layered upon itself every growing and evolving. All are branches in the endless and infinite tree of life.

That which evolves quickly can not see the purpose of its creation but only its end outcome / result. And that which evolves over infinite aeons is foolishly perceived by you to be lifeless and static and serves no purpose. It is only when you can see beyond all degrees of time and space that you can truelly comprehend.

A trillion years appear as a second, would you then be alive or just a flicker? Or a second into a trillion years and you would be considered as dead, static and unchanging.

Universes can fit on the head of a pin and the head of a pin can span multiple universes.

You are all becoming larger and finer at the same moment. You are all exploding and imploding at the same moment. Evolution and involution all in the one moment. For nothing exists alone and separate.

All communicates and interacts and is interwined forming groups and associations in all infinite directions and dimensions becoming more complex and more detailed and yet more simple and indirect.

Nothing … NO-THING is outside the laws of the all-that-is. Nothing is outside the existance and non-existance of pure creation. Every word, every action, thought, choice and intent. Every and all things, seen and unseen all spin around the one central axis of existence.

You must understand there is no flaw or error in creation’s arrow. For nothing needs to be corrected but only the illusion of it, the double-inverted-mirror-image.

There is nothing to defeat
Nothing to destroy
Nothing to eiliminate
Nothing to hate and despise
Nothing to eradicate

To believe there is a flaw in creation, an error and to believe that any-thing spawned from and of this error needs to be destroyed, eradicated is to fall into the trap set. The very same trap that perpetuates your world of existence.

This is the trap set by those maligned gestalts who gave you your good vs. evil and religions of sin institutions. And many in the newage built and extended upon this structure to one degree or another.

You are screaming for a solution, an answer. There are infinite solutions and all are equal. As you are creators the one and same as us. For to give you the solution would be to take away your creative divine right of choice. If you read what we have given you will find the answer there-in.

New programs are to follow the course and path of self-assembling which then will become self-sustaining and replicate like fruit on a tree like a crystal.

The new codes (physical and metaphysical) for new earth and humanity are in the ability to self assemble, to be self-referential. The code must run itself and not be driven by external activation. It must be self activating driven by source within.

Those who won the war re-wrote the his-story books to present themselves in good light. It is time for her-story to be told.

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