I see only two paths in this line of thought.

  1. CREATOR only created GOOD.
  2. CREATOR created both GOOD and EVIL equally at the same time.

I’ll cover the first line of thought first and later articles will loop back to cover the second line of thought.

First let’s define CREATION/CREATOR: ORIGINAL CREATION encompasses all that is, all that exists. Everything and ALL and is outside the boundaries of what we know as TIME and SPACE.

This includes ALL that may exist outside the fields of our limited 3D perception i.e. things we cannot see nor perceive that may be there, just not yet discovered or found.

An example could be the light or sound spectrum. We (humans) cannot see X-Rays, Ultraviolet nor Infrared, yet they exist. The same applies with sound, we can’t hear sound lower than 20 hertz and many struggle to hear anything above 16,000 hertz, if any, yet dogs can hear higher frequencies.

Assumption 1. All that CREATION created was GOOD (i.e. the CREATOR did not create EVIL/BAD)

If this is the case then some serious questions arise;

Q1) Where did the EVIL/BAD come from?
Q2) Why did CREATION allow EVIL/BAD in through the door in the first place?
Q3) Why can’t CREATION fix it, i.e. overpower, kick out and clean up the EVIL/BAD?
Q4) If CREATION has that power why hasn’t it done this already, what is it waiting for?
Q5) Assuming CREATION has the power then why does it allow such pain and suffering to continue?

If we are to stick with our assumption that ALL of CREATION is/was GOOD and EVIL/BAD was not created and did not exist “in the beginning of CREATION then we are left with the following assumption.

Assumption 2. EVIL/BAD came after the beginning of GOOD creation.

Please note: In assumption 1 we said that the CREATOR did not create EVIL/BAD. Not in the beginning and not after and never ever.

So where the hell did EVIL/BAD come from?

There is only one place it could have come from using the above assumptions 1 & 2 and that is EVIL/BAD came from the GOOD.

In the beginning was nothing which then became something and that something was GOOD. So we have ONE ORIGINAL CREATOR who contemplated and thought or dreamed everything into being. That everything was ALL GOOD and EVIL/BAD did not exist.

Somehow the GOOD morphed or became twisted, upside down, inverted inside out to eventually become the EVIL/BAD we have now.

So, we can make an assumption here that if EVIL/BAD came from the GOOD then that may explain why CREATION isn’t doing anything to fix it because as far as the CREATOR is concerned it is ALL GOOD.

It has nothing to do with power or weakness but that the CREATOR knows that the EVIL/BAD is the one and the same as the GOOD but just became or inverted to be the opposite of GOOD.

If EVIL/BAD did not come from GOOD then where did it come from?

There was only one CREATOR and everything in CREATION was born/spawned or dreamed into CREATION by that ONE CREATOR. In the beginning there could not have been multiple CREATORS. How would that work? Who created the multiple CREATORS? Who created them and who created the grandparents of the CREATORS? As you can see it is never ending adinfinitum loop that leads nowhere.

So we have now deduced our third assumption.

Assumption 3. EVIL/BAD came from the GOOD after CREATION.

Will end part 01 here.

To be continued in Part 02 which i will attempt to explain what caused GOOD to invert to become EVIL/BAD. We know this as “THE FALL”.


Dream Yourself Awake #3/4
Dream Yourself Awake #4/4

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