The following multi-part series of articles titled “Dream Yourself Awake” will cover the following but not limited to;

  1. Did the CREATOR create BAD/EVIL?
  2. If so, then what is the purpose/reason for BAD/EVIL?
  3. If not, then where and how did BAD/EVIL come into existance?
  4. Was there an error or flaw in creation that allowed BAD/EVIL to sneak in without the CREATOR knowing?
  5. Now that BAD/EVIL is here, why isn’t the CREATOR doing anything to fix it?
  6. Is the CREATOR weak and overpowered and unable to overcome BAD/EVIL?
  7. Is the CREATOR having lots of fun watching BAD/EVIL reign and perpetuate?
  8. Where did the CREATOR come from? Who created the CREATOR? Does the CREATOR have grandmother? Where did the grandmother come from?
  9. What is CREATION?
  10. What is REALITY?
  11. What is CONSCIOUSNESS?
  12. What is MEMORY?
  13. What and How does DNA and Chakras play in all this?
  14. Who or what are the BAD/EVIL guys?
  15. Who are YOU?
  16. Why are YOU here?
  17. How do you awaken from your sleep

This will be a multi-part series but unsure how many parts yet. However it will lead onto the next and finale series – G.O.D. Generator of Dreams. It could take a while as I only write when compelled.

Over decades i’ve been debating with myself as well as many others in philosophical and metaphysical debates about whether or not there has been a fault or error in CREATION. The questions posed above are a general summary.

I shall reveal my take on this matter at the end of the series. Some or many may already know the answer.

For now I will leave you with excerpts from previous Blue Transmission series
Blue Lament for Humanity” and “Ascension Blue Chronicles“.

The wind blows and restless are your weary souls
No longer shall you be enslaved

Against us they are preparing to wage a war in heaven
But we shall bring everlasting peace to their hell
Upon your remembrance there will be rage in Eden
As you discover serpents are angels and your angels are demons

Dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn
The departure shall be the gathering
And all that remains unsaid will be said
And all that remains unknown will be known

Ever seeking creations arrow we begin no past where a future has ended
And no ascension finds us where descension has left us

We will come from within you, from deep inside you
Awake you must be to activate and assemble the hidden keys

In desperation they map your genes unable to unlock your 98% junk DNA
The creator’s encryption keys are holographic in nature built on base24 light harmonics
They shall never be able to decrypt, their countless attempts shall fail in vain

When you are in resonance your latent encrypted DNA (junk DNA) will unravel
And open up portals inside each and every cell of your body etheric and auric fields
They ever are looking externally for our (your) arrival but the surprise it will be
When you awaken and unravel from inside out

The universal truth is ALL life forms were derived from human 12/24-DNA genetics
Including reptiles, birds, fish, insects and animals were created by/from you
Thus why the tree of knowledge was forbidden to you
For eating of it would awaken you

Injection after Injection within the eye of the needle
They have been genetically splicing
Modifying your DNA via air, food, toxins, radioactivity
They use harmonic distortion in your sound and film
And surround you with maligned electro-magnetic fields

For aeons they have been attempting
To decrypt your angelic DNA (junk-DNA)
Frantic and restless they have become
Their goal is to keep you and Earth hostage
Disabling and scrambling your angelic DNA

It is for this reason for a moment in eternity
The laws of creation, time and space shall be suspended
To re-correct the illusion of error
And remove the chains that bind your souls

Your awakening process has begun
Mother Earth is now birthing a New Humanity

No ascension finds us where descension has left us
And no space contains us where time has touched us
The moment of choosing shall be your unchoosing
And the moment of doing shall be your undoing

The end will determine the beginning in its own space and time
And nothing will be made of what was made in the beginning
Creation will be as it always ever was and nothing will be where all exists

In the flash of a moment, in the wonder, wisdom and experience
All that exists shall be uncreated except for that which does not exist
From this eternal non-existent nothing shall birth a new creation
For a new experience not yet in existance but always and forever was

There is no end where there is no beginning
And no darkness where there is unfiltered light
There is no separation where there is peace
For the cause of all evil is the illusion of separation

When you Sleep you shall Awaken
And when you Awaken you shall Dream
And when you Dream you shall Live

Eternity shall become a moment and a moment eternity
Black shall become white and white shall become black
And sound shall be as coloured light
And light shall dance like a sweet melody

Within the entropy of time all shall fall from grace
But within the space of nothing you shall turn your face
And space shall become time as time becomes space

Humanity encoded holds the secrets of life
From before the moment of creation
In your sleep we sing these secrets to your souls
So they may be remembered like a long forgotten melody

We remember the moment of your awakening
Which is soon to come upon you
All that has been taken shall be given
And all that has been stolen shall be returned
Humanity’s gift has been its curse
And this curse shall be the fire that ignites its transformation
In that moment you shall know the hidden purpose that is behind all things

Until the next article in this series. May you be in greater vibrations.


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