Before continuing on let’s recap the core assumptions we have so far.

  • Assumption 1. All that CREATION created was GOOD (i.e. the CREATOR did not create EVIL/BAD)
  • Assumption 2. Creator created EVIL/BAD later on after GOOD was created.
  • Assumption 3. The GOOD created EVIL/BAD and not CREATOR.

So if we take this one line of thought that CREATION only CREATED GOOD and not EVIL/BAD then we are left with that ALL EVIL/BAD came from the GOOD.

Like the branches of a tree we now branch out with more questions;

  1. How and why would this happen?
  2. What caused this to occur?
  3. Why hasn’t the creator stepped in to remedy or fix the situation and bring it back to the original creation?

According to my Blue and this probably needs to be taken with a grain of salt coming from the dream time or astral trips but what i know is the following that Blue has given me.

  1. The BIG BANG = The FALL
  2. The BIG BANG was not the beginning of CREATION, it was the FALL
  3. CREATION has always existed and came before the big bang in linear time however technically speaking CREATION and the BIG BANG occured at the same moment.

So then we are left with the question i did ask “What caused the FALL?”

The Blue reply was “CHOICE”. i.e. Consciousness having CHOICE is what caused the FALL (what i understood was FREE WILL).

So, why would having CHOICE or FREE WILL/CHOICE be the root cause of EVIL/BAD/FALL?

It seems that having to make a CHOICE/CHOOSE with UNKNOWNS created FEAR. i.e. FEAR of the UNKNOWN. And this FEAR created EVIL/BAD.

The question then begs; What or why was there an UNKNOWN and what caused the UNKNOWN?

Now we need to back-track a little to what is CREATION/CREATOR?

We assume so far that CREATION/CREATOR has and always existed and will always exist and exists outside of and is not limited by the boundaries of time and space.

The UNKNOWN was to EXPERIENCE creation itself … BUT how to do it.


The CREATOR had a dream, a vision of everything potential. But simply having a dream was not adequate as one has to live the dream, be the dream or be of it, be in it and experience it – to make the known the unknown. To know if the potential was actually possible.

Example. You create a game of football. Let’s call it soccer. On pen and paper it looks good and sounds good. You’ve created all the rules and code of the soccer game. But it is just that. A thought of a game. A vision of a game. But until you actually get out there and play the game yourself, experience the game you won’t know if your creation was successful.

Example. You dream of building a house to live in. You plan and design everything. Eventually the house is built. But you are not going to know or experience what it is like living in the house until you actually live in it.

Example. You design and envision a universe upon universe upon universe. Now you need to live within inside the universe. You need a vehicle to be able to inhabit to experience the universe you just dreamed.
You need a light body, astral body, mental, emotional and physical bodies, spaceships, cars, buses, trains and all sorts modes of transport to move around and experience this creation. In fact the lower/slower the vibration the slower the mode of transport.

I’m in no position to claim the above as actual. I can only tell you as best as i can fathom with all that I know as to what I believe is going on here.

By experiencing, we remember who and what we are.

Blue: if you want to understand how the universe and creation work then learn and understand how your human body functions and works as they are both based on the same structured of order and design.

Ultimately in the end, everything you engage with, interact with, touch, sense etc and ultimately experience is only a reflection of YOU.

And ultimately no matter what angle you look at it in the end we are still left with;

  1. CREATOR created only GOOD (EVIL was born from the GOOD)
  2. CREATOR created both, GOOD and EVIL

For whatever reason GOOD and/or EVIL, the CREATOR

  1. Does not (yet) appear to have a remedy or a fix for the EVIL that we know or are aware of which leaves us with and;
  2. If the CREATOR did create EVIL to begin with then obviously it was for reasons yet unknown to us and it would stand to logic that the CREATOR will not be fixing EVIL any time soon, if ever.

This now leaves us with a few juxtopositions which i will come to in the next and final post on this subject.

To be continued.

Dream Yourself Awake #4/4

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