So …. this will be my final thoughts on this matter. Where does it all leave us?

Whether the CREATOR created BAD/EVIL to begin with or it was born of some other making it leaves us with two simple lines of thought.

  1. CREATOR is unable or powerless to fix or remedy the BAD/EVIL
  2. CREATOR chooses NOT TO fix or remedy the BAD/EVIL

To clarify i use the word CREATOR as in the original source of all that is. It would make sense that children of the source creator may have themselves gone on to create BAD/EVIL. But that still leaves us with the above two lines of thought no matter how you look it.

HOWEVER, there is one more line of thought that may explain the BAD/EVIL connundrum and that is;

YOU, reading this is G.O.D. The Generator of Dreams, the ONE and SINGLE SOURCE CREATOR.
YOU are living and experiencing your DREAM of many dreams.
YOU are inside your dream, experiencing multi-faceted angles of your creation (GOOD, EVIL and everything in between).
When you wake up from your dream, you will dream another dream and so on ad-infinitum.

You, me, your neighbours, your enemies, your lovers, your friends, your colleagues, sinners and saints, killers and victims, animals and insects etc are ALL aspects of the one and same YOU (G.O.D).

To borrow a few thoughts from the latest quantum theories that abound are that YOU and ME may be living inside a computer generated simulation or something along those lines.

Why would someone create a simulation? It is a test or a game to see how things would play out or perform without actually doing any “real” harm. Kind of like the military do war simulations to test possible outcomes.

We do this alot today with current computer technology and online games. Much like online games such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Perhaps the children of the source creator like us are also inventing games or simulations good, evil or otherwise.

When YOU play these games you are not really killing anyone or stealing fast cars and running people over. Your AVATAR in the game may be doing all these EVIL acts but you playing the game with your joy stick or mouse are not intentionally EVIL. When your avatar dies in a game you get to start over again (reincarnation) at the same level or perhaps another higher level. When you get bored with the game you spin up different game etc. Perhaps you will play many different games at different levels and different times.

Now i cannot explain why one would invent, create or wish to play such EVIL games when we can invent positive beautiful games. Perhaps because GOD is GOOD indefinitely that GOD wishes/desires to contrast to see what EVIL would look like if GOD was not GOOD. And this may explain why EVIL exists.

Not withstanding all of the above and previous posts we are left with;

  1. CREATOR is unable or powerless to fix or remedy the BAD/EVIL
  2. CREATOR chooses NOT TO fix or remedy the BAD/EVIL

Which, if we were to entertain for a minute that YOU/ME are the ONE SOURCE CREATOR that would leave us with GOD chooses NOT TO fix/remedy BAD/EVIL because it is only a DREAM/SIMULATION.

Perhaps this SIMULATION/DREAM will end one day when G.O.D gets bored and chooses to end it or create a “better” DREAM/SIMULATION.

Until then keep dreaming yourself awake.


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