From: Blanche McLanahan
Sent: Friday, 2 January 2004 6:18 AM
To: tsepurdey
Subject: “a ferrous bar en hydro-magna”

Mr. Purdey, Have you investigated the hemoglobin molecule and its iron base as cause inducing the ferromagnetic breach in membrane circuitry? And iron as cause to the anomalous folding of the prion protein? Prior to my husband’s death in 1994 he’d formulated a new elucidation of the atoms based on a very simplistic hypothetical posture. In doing so he began restructuring the periodic table of the elements and noted the iron atom did not follow Pauli’s inclusion principle. Using this premise in examing the m-shell’s structure he noted non-pairing (accepted as normal) in a 9 to 5 configuration as an anomaly causing electromagnetic dysfunction.

He believed this ferric domain in iron’s sub-atomic spaces had created a temporary but stronger magnetic field that permeated via a prolixity in the wavelength by 500 angstrom. This allowed the circuitry breach through membrane barriers. Here, he believed was an energy greater than matter to be conducting the inversions of normal bonds at the level of hydrogen bonding.

Hydrophobic membranes are becoming hydrophilic and vice versa, He’d labeled this a “ferrous bar en hydro-magna” and believed it to be the cause of all disease and that which has created our current energy/matter construct. In formulating what he termed, “unification” this elucidation of the atoms stemmed from his belief that there were two forces; the electro-weak and the magnetic-strong. That when in electromagnetic equilibrium of energy to matter disease would not or could not manifest, as there would be no contained rest energy to manifest the photoelectric effects, or Planck’s Constant. He’d even realized that using this thought process Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty would become one of certainty, that surely (q) was to (p) what (p) was to (q).

Considering all this he proposed gravitational fields an anomaly induced by the contained rest energies emitting radiation or the refraction of light, and that to create the deficit for the time factor to arise in between. In 1942 the microbiologist Jean Brachet documented in the Archives de Biologie his findings in research of disease while separating the RNA granules for exam. After multiple centrifuge and washings he’d found an iron atom in the RNA. I do not know the specific disorder suffered by the person from which this sample came.

But, I do know the significance of what he isolated has been ignored. Research being done now on the Gulf War Syndrome and other disorders has isolated RNA in the blood of these victims. What this implies is a transfer now as energy shifts from cytoplasm to blood through the membrane barrier by the iron atom in a state of ferromagnetism carried by the sodium ion proton gradient, hyper influenced by atmospheric and osmotic pressures and carried via the chloride shift in the capillaries within the mucous and cutaneous membranes.

The phenomena is now breaching the blood brain barrier which is our last defense to protect our CNS and brain. Alzheimer and Mad Cow are a few of many disorders caused by the transition metal iron in its ferric state, a temporary but stronger magnetic domain. We can meet fracture of this domain by shutting down the energy source perpetuating it. What Mad Cow disease implicates are the effects of iron in its current state, a temporary but stronger magnetism, which is that to elucidate the relationship water or cytoplasm now shares with the blood by the diffusion of iron’s energy “a ferrous bar en hydro-magna” through protective barriers.

The synergistic potential of both water and iron’s magnetism has reached the saturative point and the chemical equations are reversing. I propose “the ferrous bar en hydro-magna” to be one cause for all diseased disorders. A condition we suffer which is inherent and intrinsic to nature. Iron is the marker, not the RNA they isolate in the blood. Examine the blood of the Mad Cow, Fragile X syndrome and other blood dyscrasias. Then using technological tools to isolate specific atoms, target iron in the spinal fluids and brain cells.

They will find iron and perhaps granules of RNA attached which are being conducted now through the blood-brain barrier. The indicator for mutation is the CTT gene (the beta globin gene) for normal hemoglobin. It begins with and is perpetuated by the hemeporphyrin where the iron atom is surrounded by four nitrogen bases. Oxidation, an anomaly, is the result of this iron atom’s m-shell shifting the spin of this molecule to 45 degrees left in a counterclockwise motion. Nitrogen is unable to prevent oxygen from degrating iron and the oxidative potential increases the ferric domain.

The magnetic affinity of oxygen in water and iron in the blood have created a “junkyard magnet” and hydrogen bonds are plugging in the wrong coding sequences. The folding of the prion protein will be found to carry an iron atom in this ferro magnetic state. The MRI if recalibrated to the iron in the blood, as apposed to the polarity of water can now be used to fracture this domain and cure what it diagnoses. Thank you.

TSEpurdey wrote:


Your Email is simply fascinating. What you are suggesting seems to emanate a ring of truth – that’s my intuitive hunch after a rush read through your mail. It seems to explain alot.

Presumably, your husband published on this ? Or maybe you have followed it up ? So could I have any references since it seems that this work needs to be resurrected again, and as you suggest, integrated into some of these aetiological theories on disease.

I would certainly wish to write about it.

I am involved with looking at aberrations surrounding metal cation binding with the proteoglycan molecules right now. That is another minefield of relevance when looking at the pathogenesis of so many diseases.

Good 2004,


Mark Purdey

From: Blanche McLanahan
Sent: Saturday, 3 January 2004 4:30 PM
To: TSEpurdey
Subject: Re: “a ferrous bar en hydro-magna”


There has not been any publication of these theories, since the death of my husband ended his work. For the past ten years I have done independent studies attempting to reconcile his theories and have come to conclusion with most.

First, let me tell you about Charles Leo McLanahan. He studied agriculture and botany at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the late 60’s early 70’s. He was very analytical and scientifically based. His paternal influences delegated his study in agriculture, his materal side insisted on a law degree. His dream was to be the largest independent grower in California and his last wish was to begin organic farming. He often said we needed to cleanse or purge the soils of heavy metals. The toxic condition that existed only perpetuated mutations weakening the genetic integrity of the plants. He suceeded in becoming one of the largest independent growers in Santa Barbara County. But, did not live long enough to fulfill his last wish.

Charles initially began looking at the chlorophyll molecule, the chloroplast and the nodules on the roots of alfalfa. He speculated these nodules were a cancer.

I studied medicine and went into emergency and critical care and emergency, so naturally as he spoke of the magnesium based porphyrin, I naturally applied his thoughts to the heme porphyrin. So, through our years together driving tractors, baling hay, planting and prepping the soils, I listened as he made proposals.

Literally, he observed the growth of the plant never once looking externally for causes as to why the dodder would invade and strangle his crop, or the army worms would proliferate over night removing 4-10 inches from the stand. He always looked internally and assumed the cause was at the sub-atomic level within the plant itself.

Since our primary crop was alfalfa growing 200,000 ton annually his attempts were to cut costs by disabling the need for use of herbicides and pesticides by a genetic restructuring of the plant. So he began by looking at the magnesium base in chlorophyll, assumed it generated an anomalous frequency breaching the coding mechanism of the plants genetics.

An experiment he’d done while in college, but not connected with his primary studies had confirmed what he suspected…….

His father was a dairyman and cattle herdsman. The family ranch was in Santa Maria at the time near Vandenburg Air Force Base. They planted acres of corn for cattle feed. One forty acre field near the house had about a 6 inch stand when one of Vandenburg’s missiles blew up after launch and the winds carried and sprinkled the residual nitrous tetroxide uniformly over the field. Overnight the growth turned yellow and in all appearances seemed doomed. Charles was about 13 at the time. He vividly recalled the day and how his father abandoned the field. Within a week or so new growth began to sprout and never had they seen cornstalks grow to heights of 20 feet, with ears the size of a man’s forearm.

Charles’ father always teased and said it was because he was such a good farmer. But Charles with his analytical and scientific mind began to ponder that somehow this fuel had genetically restructured the corn.

So in college he applied what he’d theorized had happened, seized some residual fuel from a friend working at Vandenburg, picked some ice plant off the side of the freeway whilst on his drive home and began the experiment.

He potted the ice plant and applied a small amount of the fuel to the soil. Unlike nitrous oxide water with N204 will not create noxious fumes when mixed. A few days later the plant began to turn yellow and he assumed that it as the corn would find growth once again. Apparently, the ice plant also exceeded his expectations.

What he realized was that the nitrous tetroxide’s volatility and its tetragonal crystalline matrix caused/allowed an internal combustion at the atomic level encapsulating the reaction with enough energy to fracture anomalous hydrogen bonds and restructure by replugging in the correct sequencing in the plants genetic coding.

A sub-atomic fracture of the anomalous domain, a recalibration of energy to matter and the atoms now aligning for symmetry of molecular conformation and a cellular integrity on the frequency of equilibrium now in a homeostatic protective environment where vulnerability to pests did not exist.

Charles was a man “out-standing in his field”. Every morning he’d be up before the sun and ride up the hill so he could stand holding and smelling the freshly cut alfalfa or walk into a newly planted field asking what he could do to help with its growth. He used to say, too little water or too much can cause harm. So I speak to the field and ask what it needs. Intuition would do the rest.

He grew more tonnage per acre than anyone in the valley. Our ranch existed over a dynamic aquifer and the soil was mostly silica. He used to think that perhaps the waters magnetism and memory drew the incident angle of the sun for a perpendicular reflection at 90 degrees through the sands of the soil and that maintained the plants inherent integrity.

He was a farmer and he loved this Earth.

I will be brief now, but will work on compilation of article you request. First, your last statement regarding metal cation binding and the proteoglycan molecules depicts the levels where the inversions are manifesting. For some time I have suspected Strontium 90 is replacing Na and though they appear similar the frequency again causes a prolixity in the wavelength of membrane protective barriers and allows abnormal elements/molecules through. Just as zinc and aluminum are being found in the brain during autopsy of Alzheimers victims, or as trace lithium is found deplete in the blood and we find schizophenia and other mental disorders. What I suspect is lithium permeating the blood-brain barrier generated by the conduction of copper atoms displaced by the energy of ferric iron.

I have been looking at the proteoheparan sulfate, the hematopoietic progenator cells and erythroid lineage in the past due to the proposition of the “ferrous bar en hydro-magna”. The HS proteoglycan expression is induced during earIy erythroid differentiation and I suspect there may be a replacement here for the sulfur bond with glycine.. As in diabetes I am certain the cysteine bonds for the disulfide bridge in the insulin molecule have been replaced by an inversion with glycine.

I have not focused on the HS proteoglycan, I only sought confirmation of a thought I had regarding the formation of the embryonic nuclei. In studying Robert O’ Becker’s research documented in the “Body Electric” I began looking at the RBC’s, their lack of a nucleus and their rate of disintegration. Since there is electromagnetic disturbance in the blood and cytoplasm due to magnetic synergism, I assumed oxidation has resulted in obstructing the decomposition rates of these cells.

I propose the embryonic nuclei lies await our notice and will soon be isolated in the blood as these cells disintegrate properly. Then with the potential of de-differentiation a redifferentiation for regeneration will occur. The blastema formation will enable the growth of a limb……etc. I suspect with injury at any cellular level it is the encoding within the DNA that puts out on the wire the need for repair, but the electromagnetic dysfunction or breach in normal circuitry/chemistry/communication, what have you, is unable to transmit the code for repair and scar tissue seals the regenerative process.

In much of what I have uncovered since my husband’s death I can give you some proofs. But, what is more is that these propositions are entirely new and their history preceeds our time frame of written history. I have had to look back to the past searching through the artifact in the rubble of time to gain further insights into them. I am not yet finished, but it would sure be wonderful to have someone to confer with on these matters.

Interesting statement my husband made after his proposal of this new elucidation of the atom. He just grinned and said, ” Hmmm, this structural determination must be what led man in the past to the origin of the wheel.” I didn’t understand him at the time, but I do now. Just a few days ago I received an email from a friend in England suggesting I link to your site. I am very grateful to him. I will continue to follow your documented findings. L2=EM if [cv (hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2

Blanche McLanahan.

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