Several years ago i was fortunate to be able to interview Lyssa Royal-Holt who channels and wrote several books with the most popular being “Prisms of Lyra”.

I am certain you will find this interview and what Lyssa has to say very helpful.

For more info on Lyssa Royal-Holt … visit: https://www.royalpriest.com/



RAPHIEM : My main memories of you and Germane was in Sydney, Australia, 1991 for several workshops and meets. I have to ask, is Germane still around? Do you still bring him through?

LYSSA : Actually, my first time ever in Australia was 1991. Germane is still around, and he still does come through me. The two entities you probably saw, Germane and Sasha, both still communicate. Depending upon why I am channeling and what the subject is, one of them will speak. They each have their “areas of expertise” so to speak.

I am not doing much channeling these days and I do miss it. Primarily, I have two commitments in my life that have kept me from pursuing my channeling. One is that I serve as Education Director for the company that my husband directs called Flower of Life Research. This is a very time-consuming position and we are trying to build the company and create enough cash flow so I can eventually hire an assistant which will free my time up a lot more.

Secondly, I am involved (as a student and training assistant) in a school that is growing around the world, taught by Korean masters. The school focuses on ki gong, tai chi and how to use the body’s energy most efficiently. Channeling drained me because I did it for well over a decade. The school has taught me how to rebuild my energy field and circulate my ki energy through my meridians in the proper way. Now I teach beginner classes in this method, and am studying to be a full-fledged instructor at some point. So, both of these commitments make it impossible for me to travel a lot, write books, or do a lot of channeling. I do see this as temporary though — like a sabbatical of sorts.

RAPHIEM : Some questions pertaining to your early material “Prism of Lyra”. Who exactly are the “Founders” that came through the whitehole and seeded this universe ? Are they some sort of gestalt conciousness or were they beings, in the sense of “self-identity” ? Or were the Founders a representation of the “All that is … God” ?

LYSSA : The only way to really answer this question is to use metaphor, because the Founders cannot be totally defined by using 3D language. Imagine a mirrored ball. That mirrored ball is All That Is. One day that mirrored ball, who knows itself completely, says, “I wonder what it would be like not to know myself”. The force of that thought created polarity, and it caused the mirrored ball to fragment so that the mirrored ball became a number of large mirror pieces. The Founders are those large mirrored pieces — the first fragmented pieces of the totality of who we are — yes, a consciousness gestalt. Those pieces fragmented further as we went through our journey of polarity until they represented individual souls. So, we as individual souls, are pieces of the founders as much as we are pieces of the total All That Is.

RAPHIEM : Was there anyone else in this universe prior them coming ? If so, who ?

LYSSA : The only consciousness present was the complete mirrored ball — actually the mirrored ball wasn’t “in” the universe. It WAS the universe. The fragmentation was simply a shattering and fragmentation of the universe itself from one of complete wholeness to one of polarity and separation. {Note: “Mirrored ball” is a metaphor — the best one so far that Germane has used to define this concept. It is a limited metaphor, but it is designed to get the 3D mind to start conceptualizing the idea}

RAPHIEM : Would the coming through the prism of Lyra, i.e. fragmenting into seven frequencies, be likened to “The Fall” ?

LYSSA : Perhaps my answer to the previous question might answer this question. “The Fall” has a lot of preconceived ideas attached to it, so Germane never uses that terminology. (“The Fall” often has judgment attached, such as the idea of humans separating from God for a negative reason as a form of punishment, as an example). The shattering of the mirrored ball was neither a positive or negative event. It resulted from the Whole pondering the idea of, “What would it be like if I did not know myself?” The thought of not knowing the self was the first polarized concept that created the fragmentation — this is a neutral condition.

RAPHIEM : Lyssa, your work over the decade seems to have moved away from the “human galactic heritage” to more to do with consciousness developement / self empowerment. Is this the case or have I viewed it wrong ?

LYSSA : Even though I started my work in 1985 and it has been a decade in a half, there has really been a cycle to my work. I usually track the themes of my work through my books. It started with Human Galactic Heritage through Prism of Lyra, then to ET visitation (Visitors from Within) then to Human-Initiated ET contact through Preparing for Contact and then to consciousness development through Millennium: Tools for the Coming Changes.

I haven’t given up the exploration of our ET connections and our galactic heritage (and it still remains a subject close to my heart, but I think my work cycles through various subjects for a higher purpose that I am not aware of at this time. I’ve done a huge amount of work in Japan, and the cycle of my work there is slightly different than it is in the west. I do definitely feel like the themes of my work are guided from another level. I also know that my work isn’t yet finished. I just hope that at the end of it all, I will understand the journey more thoroughly! 🙂

RAPHIEM : Do you feel our heritage, where we’re from is all out in the open now and time to put it behind us and get on with it, focus on the now and the future ? Is there more that we should know and are not being told ? Can you perhaps expand on this ?

LYSSA : I feel that yes, it is important to know why the human species has developed the way it has and that our ancient relationships with our ET forefathers has shaped who we are now. But I differ with a lot of other teachers because that isn’t enough for me. Many other teachers use this information to reinforce that we are victims of “evil ET overlords”, “Reptilians” or other types of labels. They keep the focus on the idea of victimization or disempowerment. They keep telling people, subtly, why they should be angry about the past. However, Germane and Sasha are very adamant about having people understand the past, but to use that wisdom to help us make choices NOW that deal with empowerment rather than victimization. I think that is one of the reasons why my work has turned toward the empowerment issues lately because too many readers were misunderstanding my work as reinforcing the victim idea — mostly because many people didn’t really know what it means to make a choice to be a victim or not. So, Germane went back to Kindergarten so to speak — teaching about empowerment — before he will continue with the ET teachings. This is something I just sense.

Yes, I do think there is more information to be revealed, but Germane will be the first to say “so what?” about the latest conspiracy theory or the latest revelation about what the ancient ETs did to us. What matters is who we are now, and the choices that we make as individuals and as a species.

RAPHIEM : Our reality/universe seems to be dualistic in nature …. is this something we should just learn to live with an accept rather than attempting to be in one polarity over another or validating one polarity and invalidating the other ?? As the concept of unifiying polarities is a little hard to accept …. or do we just stay in the neutral zone … no + or no – ..?? How can we better understand the mechanisms of our dualistic nature and learn to live with it ??

LYSSA : This is a subject of great interest to me personally for some reason. I would like to direct you to an article channeled by Germane located at http://www.royalpriest.com/tape191.htm – it is all about polarity and paradox and can give some further points of view on this. Germane’s teachings on polarity and paradox have really opened my eyes and have given me further understanding on a subject that is hard to comprehend with our limited 3D polarized mind sets!

[You are more than welcome to quote anything from that article. I will admit that I don’t think I can put it into any better words than what Germane presented in that article.]

If it is true that we are in this reality to learn to integrate polarity (as Germane says), then my firm belief is that in all instances we should do our best not to swing in polarized directions. Instead, we will have greater peace of mind if we remain compassionate to both polarities and not attach to a specific belief that keeps us limited and unable to see another perspective. (A challenging skill to say the least!) Tibetan Buddhist monks and Taoists have an amazing ability to do this, even whilst their countries are overthrown by tyrannical governments and their religious leaders are exiled and tortured. We have to look at the bigger picture.

It isn’t just about our lives here and now, but the greater perspective of our cycle of existence. At some point we have to change our polarized choices and perspectives, otherwise we just seed the future with more polarity and further separation. Making a conscious choice to change the way we think and see the world is the most valuable investment in our future existence (as individual souls, as a species, and as the collective soul family that we are).

It isn’t a matter of wondering if we can do this. We MUST do this.

RAPHIEM : Should we be attempting to transcend dualism ? As Earth/Humans are we meant/designed to exist outside of dualism ??

LYSSA : I don’t think there are any “shoulds,” but only choices. However, we have to learn to embrace the ramifications of the choices we make. Are we unhappy with what we’ve created? Then we must change our choices.

As to whether we are meant/designed to exist outside dualism … From all that I have learned and experienced I would say that in our true essence (that which we call “soul” or “spirit” or “godself”) there is no dualism. Holistic balance and harmony is our “natural” state. But for whatever reason, we have chosen to experience polarity in human form. Why come here if there were no challenge? There would then be no difference between Earth and our existence in Spirit. So why be here? I believe we are here for the challenge. We have chosen an immensely challenging playground upon which we can test what we are made of. With the beauty and power of our true selves, can we integrate heaven on earth? Can we integrate polarity and manifest our true selves in this reality? In order to do this, we have to stay awake and aware that it is all about the choices we make, including the choice to go to sleep or remain awake to our potential and inherent gifts.

RAPHIEM : Lyssa you previously touched on the subject of learning empowerment and choosing to be victims or not and Germane has touched on this very much ….. but it would seem for many this a touchy area to get around …?

LYSSA : Yes, this is a touchy area. May people have misunderstood this to mean that they are the “cause” of a rape or an abuse, or they are somehow to blame. That is not what is being said at all.

RAPHIEM : I fully agree with you but ask the queston on others behalf … whether you look at it at a galactic level or a local schoolyard level …..what am i trying to say …i’ll use an exampler … a 7yr old schoolboy is picked on by 3 bullies twice his age and twice his size … no matter what he tries they are just overpowering … taking his lunch money, destroying his books .. beating him up etc etc … you get the drift ….so now to tell him, “don’t choose to be a victim” … or “you chose this experience” … or “sorry we can’t interfere … universal law” … etc etc …would all sound like hogwash … so now let’s take it a few steps further to the Galactic level …. some ET’s maybe overpowering, perhaps more technologically advanced … using all tricks in the book to subdue/subvert humans … and humans are just still 7-year old children ..!!

So for some, it is rather hard to get around blame, because no matter how hard they deem to have tried to get ahead, they’ve been set back by negative bully ET’s ….. is this a question yet ??? ;o) can you pls perhaps enlighten us on this sensitive matter ..?? Perhaps we have got it all wrong and there never has been any negative / bully ET’s ?? How can we transcend this ??

LYSSA : I think what Germane has been trying to tell us all along is that it is all about US and not about THEM. Meaning, that if we keep focusing on what “they” are doing (the schoolyard bullies or the negative ETs), then we keep our energy outside of ourselves and can never transcend it. Instead, if we make a choice to view our reality as a reflection of our own inner selves, then we begin to realize just how powerful our choices are. There are countless stories about how children have transcended schoolyard bullies or how women who have been raped have turned a horrible situation into one that not only empowered them, but empowered perhaps hundreds of other women. It is all about what we CHOOSE to do with what we perceive around us. We can choose to feel like a victim and continuously lament our fate, or we can choose to use a horrific situation to raise our own consciousness and those around us. It is our choice!

Sometimes when Germane talks like this, people listen patiently and then say something like, “Okay, I understand. But are there really any negative ETs?” People have been trained to believe that they don’t have the power to change things, that the only thing that is “real” is what is “out there”.

If we look at many of the eastern practices of the martial arts (not the fighting skills, but the true spirit of the martial arts), the masters believe that you can’t do anything until you first build your own power center (located in the abdomen). If you don’t have enough chi energy, you are suseptible to others “stealing” your energy because you don’t know how to control it.

We steal each others’ energy all the time in the form of emotional manipulation. They believe that if you build your own chi and learn how to control it in your body, that you can thus control your mind, emotions, and body and use them the way you intend. This can be used as a metaphor to illustrate what I’ve said above. You have to first focus on YOURSELF and your own power, and learn how to use it responsibly, before you can even begin to understand this reality and how it works, let alone teach yourself empowerment by not giving away your energy to others who might victimize you.

Simply, we have to stop looking outside of ourselves for power or for answers, and begin strengthening our inner selves and working with the gifts we have within us to navigate this reality.

RAPHIEM : What is your view on Ascension ?? Do you see it as physical ascension (i.e. St-Germain puff up in smoke type) as well as spiritual ascension ?? I recall bombarding Germane in Sydney years ago with many questions re: ascension …. and the way i understood it at the time was that not anyone could develope to ascension level … in that one had to be born with a certain genetic/DNA makeup which was designed for physical ascension and basically told me to invest my energies in empowerment rather than trying to ascend cause it won’t happen .

LYSSA : My view of ascension is probably not very popular. I do believe ascension (“puff of smoke” type as you put it) is possible, but not probable for most of us. Why? The widespread belief about this form of ascension seems to be that it is a “reward” for toiling on the planet … or a means of escape from this wretched place.

This belief creates polarity and separation from our full spectrum of existence. For example, human life is “bad” or “undesirable”. Ascension is “good” or “evolved”. This is an old way of thinking that has kept people from striving to be better people here on Earth. Many think, “Why bother doing all the work to evolve myself if I can just ascend?” The highest masters will tell you this: You can ascend when you stop striving for it and just commit yourself to your own evolution and the service to the planet. Desiring ascension is a sure way to insure it doesn’t happen! Ah, another paradox of our polarized world!

You said that Germane told you many years ago to invest your energies on empowerment instead of ascension. I don’t think he was telling you that it was impossible for you to ascend … I think he was redirecting you to a gateway in which ascension is possible. Without developing our personal evolution and empowerment, ascension is most definitely out of reach for anyone.

RAPHIEM : Are sacred sites, powerpoints, earthgrids etc important in raising conciousness ?? Do you see any points on the planet that are weak or need strengthening ?? and how does one conciously work with a powerpoint/sacred site ?

LYSSA : Wow, this question could actually be a whole workshop… I’ll try to answer it as best as I can in a concise way. Yes, I do believe that sacred sites and powerpoints can raise consciousness. Not necessarily just for the individual visiting (that is possible) but for the planet’s consciousness as a whole. Sacred sites are like acupuncture points on the body. Ley lines are like the meridians. Throughout time there have been “planetary acupuncturists” who have done their best to keep the planet in balance. These are the medicine men, shamans, etc., who mostly work outside of the spotlight.

Personally I do believe that the single area of the planet that needs the most work is the middle east. For a decade or more Germane has been saying that the middle east is one of the primary gateways on the planet for polarized energy. Look what happens there … holy wars, destruction of sacred sites, etc. I believe in ancient times the great pyramid (which is a lot older than is spoken about by egyptologists) was, among many things, a device that helped to keep the planetary grid balanced. No one knows how to activate it today so it can perform its function. (Well, it also might not be the right time to do so, cosmically speaking. There could be many reasons why it isn’t activated).

As to how someone can consciously work with these areas… it is different for each person. I usually receive guidance from my Higher Self or other guides as to what to do where and when. And more often than not, this guidance is corroborated by others who’ve received the same similar guidance. Just go to a site that you are drawn to and open yourself to any “impulses” you may have or guidance you may recieve. You might get an impulse to bury a crystal, or to remove a rock (that you might later take to another site, thus linking the two sites) or to clean out psychic debris. It may seem awkward at first until you get used to it, but then you don’t think about it, you just follow the guidance. Alway, always, ask permission before you do anything. The local spirits and indigenous caretakers there must be respected.

RAPHIEM : I ask this question in most interviews …. you are being urgently ushered onto a ship heading for an unknown destination never to return … and you can only take 3 books and 3 music CD’s with you …. what would be your pick/selection ??

LYSSA : What torture! This is probably the hardest question you’ve asked. Hmm, I do have to preface it by saying that my selection would change every time you ask me this. So, I can only answer this from where I am right now.

CDs – Uttara Kuru (either “Prayer” or East Wind”. I can’t decide!) (They are a Japanese duo who combine Japanese Buddhist sutras among other stuff). “Music for Zen” (a compilation CD), and Madonna, “Ray of Light”

BOOKS – David Brin, “Star Tide Rising” and “The Uplift War” / Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche / Memoirs of a Geisha or Shogun, I can’t decide.

Now you can guess that when I travel, I travel heavy. Limiting me to 3 of each is nearly impossible, and I do bend the rules!

RAPHIEM : Finally to conclude, I thank you for your time and wish you all the best for the future and most of all am in gratitude for the service/information that you have brought forward over the decade and a half … as growing up with your material and those of Germane and Sasha has left many positive imprints on me and assisted in my personal inner development in a very positive way ….

LYSSA : It is purely my pleasure and thank you for the kind words…

RAPHIEM : Would you like to say anything, any messages for future, the coming years, between now and say 2012 ..for others out there looking for some sort of guidance or perhaps are not sure if things are up or down etc ??

LYSSA : The only thing I have to say of any value isn’t a big revelation at all … simply, that we are our own greatest resource. I encourage everyone to find a path that works for them and commit to walking it, whether it is Buddhism, martial arts, Taoism, Christianity or anything else. Let that path make you become a better, more evolved human, free of judgment and full of tolerance, patience, and compassion. Always remember that the world you perceive is a projection of you, so make your choices wisely!



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