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To: ‘Todd Biesiada’
Subject: Magnesium ATP

Hi Todd,

the below has me intrigued more so especially after the casimir posts … as i “feel” that the two are related …. .. if you think they are please let me know … regards. R.

In 1978, Solomon Goldfein (U.S. Army Material Tech. Lab, Ft. Belvoir) studied the biological transmutation of 39 K + 1 H ® 40 Ca. His analysis of thousands of references led him to conclude that the most promising approach to testing the theory of biological transmutation would involve an organic molecule with a central metal atom: the chelate Magnesium Adenosine Triphosphate (Mg-ATP). Goldfein postulated a conformational structure of a stack of Mg-ATP molecules forming a helical chain.

The Mg-ATP chelate produces oscillating electrical currents which act as a micromini-cyclotron that accelerates hydrogen ions to relativistic speeds with sufficient potential to transmute an element to the next higher number. Goldfein, Solomon: MERADCOM Report 2247 (May 1978)

From: Todd Biesiada
Sent: Thursday, 29 March 2007 3:38 AM
To: ‘Raphiem | Mission-Ignition’
Subject: Magnesium ATP

Hello, good work. You’re doing research and noting what you find. See ‘we’ are alive and thinking. Yes, what has been suggested, will be vindicated.

What causes helio momentum?

The energy upon the mass by the properties of the electric and magnetic field upon the structures. Basically that abstract below suggests energy upon a ‘metal’ itself, caused hydrogen (ion) to reach a point and increased the total mass (fusion), is what that abstract suggests. But in the current cosmological model, Gravity within stars is what does that. A direct contrast of models. Has the wavelength been noted that caused the environment or is ‘heat’ the described environment?

To drill these down is what must be done, the problem is in many thesis the summaries are strictly theorems to describe what was seen by another’s experiment, especially in the atomic scale. Where the problem most scientist and mathematicians have is not the scientific approach, it is the basis of how energy is described. QFT offers theorem and Planck suggested a constant for the atomic scale. Newton offered a great contribution in theorem and method but the scale of the graviton and potentials are incorrect.

The constants are incorrect. What the experiment below verbally suggests is that that a single entity of mass H can be included upon a new structure(s) to increase a chemical mass of the molecule. Or a mass of K with energy and an H can turn into the mass of C defining a term of ‘biological transmutation’ but in the chemical and atomic realm, changing mass; fusion. Gravity cannot be measured without a collective of mass but entangled mass by energy shares that momentum at the atomic scale.

The fact is mass is but energy and like in the abstract you posted, it shares energy is more important to the assembly of mass and basically even suggested to overcome the strong force. Thanks and yes, casimir is related to entangled energy upon mass. Thinks in the lines of the wavelengths and the field of energy and magnetism that are causing the casimir affect. The energy begins to cause increased potential between the mass but what is the potential, stored energy; entangled mass.

You are on the right track. And as you read more you will see just how simple it is and begin to ask yourself, ‘why did it take so long,’ this is basic.


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