Abstract: It has been determined that the conscious species, mankind, has been defining itself over time.

Words, symbols and many methods of articulation can transcend time when taught to the next generations. The process is self evidenced. A book can transcend generations and the wisdom can be even older than the printed literature. Sir Isaac Newton reflected the concept of �standing on the shoulders of giants’. The overall scope of the process is to understand. The pinnacle capstone is the mathematical theorem defining the process to the letter. A supposition inferred is that the single rendition defining the process of nature, that is universal and measurable, is to �name’ itself. Eg� the name of �god’

The awareness of the self enabled self determinations and opinion. Words enabled articulation of opinion and points of view. At each generation, words evolved and taught to the next. The process of knowledge evolving over time is simple to realize because that is what has happened to all of us, to even be capable to read these words.

The population explosion of the last 300 yrs offers evidence that knowledge has enabled the preservation of life. Even the understanding of improved birthing techniques has assisted the human species. But to realize that each infant had to learn where its first meal is, enables the bridging that the �knowledge’ is given by another.

The process of knowledge evolving over time is natural.

I consider mathematics as the universal language because the dialogue can be measured.

Todd Biesiada

May 19, 2015

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