MIca; Muscovite = KAl3Si3O 10 (OH)2 The potassium here is your positive charge the alluminum will conduct it through the silicon and the oxygen will bring it life. For stability in your overall experiment the water factor must be H4O2……The hydroxyl radical -OH of a non metal is acidic, that of a metal is a base. You don’t want oxidation to take place, as would occur with a metal such as the biotite form of mica… K (Mg,Fe)3 (Al,Fe) SiO 10 (OHF)2 You must use the charge of 2 +H. The acid base equilibrium must be maintained and that can only occur with an H4O2 molecule……the holy or true water.

The H20 molecule incurs a left and right handed molecule creating the clock and counterclockwise rotation. The H4O2 will radiate energy from the center in concentric rings equidistantly and thereby allow the formula for creation in mirror of the one to become two not in likeness, but in that of perfection. Water is the basis for all matter….whether it be in decomposition or recomposition. The egg shell is like the hydroxy apatite….found in bone. A crystalline substance containing calcium and phosphorus. The egg shell, an exo-skeleton unlike our skeletal structure is a permeable membrane through which superconduction takes place.

The link or key for this process of superconduction is the relationship the minerals and their monopolaric atomic weights share with atmospheric and osmotic pressures to move energy in creating matter. As with the egg……….unlike the marsupials and humans………it is fed within the womb by the electrical current running through the shell as the atmosphere is used as a pump…no doubt taken into consideration is the necessity of the hen’s weight and warmth being generated. Creation should be a spontaneous event if all factors were in equilibrium.

But, they are not as the energy is greater than the matter at this point in time. You will have to factor in the deficit in this experiment and the results should be profound.

Hydrogen sets the scale……the proton gradient of hydrogen is the key. The indice of 111 will align energy to matter in such a way as to relieve the wave function which is an effect of time, diminish the time factor for a spontaneous creation/reaction.

H4O2 is fusion of 2 H2O molecules. One right handed, one left. The spiraling vortex of energy moving both counter and clockwise must join at the center and move equidistantly to the periphery………if you create the egg with energy uniform electromagnetically…………..this water will form as a result, as it is manifest due to atomic equilibrium.

You do not need high energy to cause fusion. The electro-weak force and the magnetic-strong reach an equilibrium of parallel duality………..for the mirroring of the one…… The ancient myth of the flood was fission of the H4O2 molecule……now the time has come that fusion manifest within this substance unlike any other which is the basis of creation.

Only time allows these things to occur……….our minds are tuned to the messages in our DNA which can only release information as is allowed or released in time………it is the Earth and Sun, atmospheric pressures that enable change which is inevitable. We have breached the seals, and our minds can now create by perceiving those things that in the past seemed only a dream.

You know of the creative potential encapsulated even within our very being……..and that of the egg is our beginning. So let us begin a new…….the time has come. Leonardo saw flight 300 years before its time, and you as many others dream of things which are yet to come.

Blanche McLanahan.

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