The melding of Homo Erectus and the Annunaki occurred due to the mathematical error when four inversions of their four of three base pairs were mixed or multiplied by 1 and 1/4. The fraction in addition to the inversions to copy the code induced frameshifts and the blanks or non-coding introns. The Sumerian or Annunaki replication factor was 4 to equal 48 chromosomes, 24 pair. Our 2 sets of three is the result of the error requiring 6 inversions that equated to 23 pair or 46 chromosomes. The chimpanzee requires 8 to complete the code. We must therefore copy until we fill in the blanks. Hence, the 12 tribes or chromosomes of our origin and the missing ten tribes are minus 2 chromosomes.

The impingement was due to mathematical error and lack of consideration for the iron component in the blood. That when mixed with the clay and sperm being exposed to air, oxidation resulted in tainting of the cytoplasm with the energy of this stronger but temporary magnetic domain. When the chromatid divides (the spindle) and centriole pair it occurs with magnetic precision. Any electrical interference with this orchestration of the strings would ferro-magnetically force anomalous bonds. So be it!

The metaphor in the Torah when Moses divided the Red Sea specifically refers to this scenario. He is one who did these first genetic experiments. Thus, the 23 pair and male XY, female XX as not to mention the genetic disorders with XXX Turner’s syndrome or the fragile X….This is the enmity God put between man and woman.

Moses’ 3rd Commandment “Honour thy mother and father” is making reference to the zygote formed of their union. Two gamete so conjoined now to be as 1. It is warning not to tamper with the code. Very clear and simple a statement might be.

But, the problem arose and the issue remains that they (the Annunaki) are the ones who ate the fruit from the tree in the center of the garden. That verse refers to the nuclear membrane forbidden and sealed to create barriers to prevent tainting of the blood.

The Annunaki were the first to do genetic manipulation. They opened the nuclear envelope and could not control the mathematical outcome or maintain reaching the next Octave due to the impingement of the seventh seal or note. That failure to reach the next Octave was enforced by the frequency of the iron in the blood or CTT gene, as it tainted the cytoplasm and the RNA template. RNA and the mitochondria probably developed outside the nuclear envelope after the great mishap with the loss of two chromosome. The missing tribes are in the cytoplasm. Jesus said, “a grapevine has been planted outside the mother and father, but it will not grow and be uprooted”. He was referring to the mtDNA, RNA and the organelles. This is the world outside the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, OR NUCLEAR ENVELOPE.

The failure to copy the genome and the T or thymine from the CTT gene replacing the G or guanine is the frameshift that resulted in mutation and requirement of six inversions. That one error created all other creatures that Adam was appointed to name. We have evolved through mutation caused by a protein in the blood, a factor the Annunaki failed to consider.

They are us and we are once again making the same mistake.

Yet, the Torah has encoded the very answer to the question.

REV 5:5
And one of the elders saith unto me,
Weep not:
behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David,
hath prevailed to open the book,
and to loose the seven seals thereof.

Time is the key to unraveling the mystery, as it is in time these seals will be loosed. The Torah is an genetically encoded book, that an ancient computer printed out after the Great Calamity. It encodes every possible mutation that would occur in our evolution in time, the many trials and tribulations our emotions would suffer due to this one error, at one point from an era that applies to all of time where man is only the repeating player…….a pawn in this simulated game of life. The Annunaki lived in an evolution without time……..that place where the tree in the garden is equidistant at every when or where, or any point on the periphery of the cells membrane or even the circle of time.

The Annunaki are now the two lost tribes existing in space out of time…………they crossed the River Jordan right into a dimensional divide. They no longer reside on Nibiru. They are in their craft drifting through space out of time awaiting the moment the two Earth’s, Nibiru and Tiamat reunite. They are here assisting us in reading their messages in the fields on Earth, the many petroglyphs etched in stone long ago and the hidden language time conceals from us, so together we can bring heaven back unto Earth.


Time is the oppressor eluding man to the origin from whence he came
And to that of his eventual return.
Replication in likeness is that which does not heed
nor beg pardon for misunderstanding.
Genetics to calculate change and record transference of humanity,
Who has somehow forgotten reason and is therefore unable to justify inevitable change.

Blanche McLanahan.

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