Around mid April 2020 as i was looking to another astral trip i found myself in a very vivid dream which was disconcerting. I sat on this until now as i debated with myself whether this is something i want to share or not.

The reason for not sharing was that at the time i figured it would not be positively conducive sharing such a dream. I did not wish to feed into more fear and negativity. However we are now July 2020 and I am finding myself even more compelled to share.

The vivid dream back in April 2020 was as follows:

I was walking around my suburb which now seemed all desolate and run down. Strewn all over the streets, shops, civic and shopping centres, were dead bodies piled up. It looked like some kind of war zone.

It was all over news constantly day and night. Mass volumes of people all over the world were dying of a horific disease by the tens of millions. In particular, men, women and children were dying from hemorrhaging strokes without any symptoms or notice. The medical authorities could not agree on what the cause was other than to blame it yet again on another virus outbreak.

In the dream, I worked alongside a crew of others going around and picking up dead bodies and loading them up in the back of a truck to be taken away to be mass cremated. As i was picking up the dead body of a young woman an envelope fell from her cardigan. I picked up the envelope and saw inside was a note.

The note read:
“Please warn everyone. Do not take the vaccine. It is the cause of all the deaths”.

I woke up. What i did notice was that in the dream, neither my crew nor myself were wearing a hazmat suit. Whom or whatever authority i worked for in the dream obviously did not consider our job hazardous enough to warrant a hazmat suit.

It is more likely that these dreams and astral travels I share are only pertaining to me and not relavant to everyone out there at the global level. Much like the astral trips I wrote about previously 2017 Event and also where Japan, New Zealand and Florida were going to go through major earth change upheavals.

Again, like the 2017 event which did not happen, i don’t expect any of the above to occur. That’s a positive. Additionally the above vivid dream is possibly influenced as many of you know i do not believe in today’s vaccine busine$$.

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