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One of the greatest secrets you can ever learn is that you have majestic "power."  Perhaps you have thought that personal power was a special thing that belongs to only certain people - the most spiritually advanced or the most brilliant; the loveliest or the most gifted. Not so, we all have that gift within.

We all have the resources to reach out and garner spiritual insight from guides or teachers. Reach out, it's yours. The only keys you need are love and the correct vibration.

Lynda Brasier (1/4 Sioux) has reached out to touch that power. Her Native American guide is often sending her messages of wisdom or of future events. One of his first messages was for her to "Play the right note". Divine wisdom has it's own note, truly a chord with it's own frequency, and as her cycle of life began, her being was attuned to that vibration and to him. It was in perfect sync with his. In time, through life experiences, she changed her note.  He followed her pitch, which became increasingly discordant, with great difficulty.

The communication was breaking down.   His whispered words in dreams and visions reminded her to unite the forces of love with the energies of will and understanding and forgiveness. To stop being so mental and outer directed. To attack the "illusion" we call life with intuition. To re-open those channels to hear directly from the Universal forces of love.

She is a Classically trained Pianist, composer, an Alumni of the Symphony Orchestra, author, researcher, historian, mother to three wonderful children, a Bloodhound named Boucephus and several horses. Her life has led her from a fast paced career in St Louis to a wondrous mountain home in Montana.

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::. Freedom from Fear - Living in the Now ::. Fear prevents us from being fully alive and living our dreams. It's a prison without walls. It's bondage in its truest form. To live in fear is to live without love. Many people equate hate as being the opposite of love. I disagree. Fear is the opposite of love. Love is about connection, not isolation. Connection with the Universe and with the Creator. The more powerful the connection, the more powerful the love. Love is all inclusive, instead of all exclusive, like fear. Perfect love casts out ALL fear.

::. In the Beginning ::. Body, mind and spirit researcher Lynda Brasier discusses 'In The Beginning', possibly the three most famous words in literary history. These first three words of the Holy Bible have been handed down to us as truths from God himself. In this article, I've gathered together an abundance of myths from around the world, in order to show that there could be a possibility we were 'created' by other beings or seeded here on planet Earth.

::. Sacred Spaces ::. Lynda invites us into her Sacred Space. What makes a place 'sacred' or 'full of power'? Sacred space can be found in Nature, our loved ones, buildings, in our souls and in our innermost man. Our environment is moved by invisible forces that saturate our Universe. Nature does a cosmic dance of particle interactions with the flow of seen and unseen energy. Our Earth is a living Entity.

::. Semiramis ::. The Legend of Semiramis is said to be based on the real historical personage of 'Sammur-amat' which means 'gift of the sea'. Tradition states that this woman was rejected by her mother and left to die in a bed of reeds in the water. By an act of 'miracles' doves found the infant and brought up the child, stealing the milk and, later, the cheese which she needed from nearby shepherds.


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