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Pandemic Flu Shield v0.3

Researched, Compiled and Practiced by Raphiem

The below is a work in progress as I continually update and add. Please visit the following url to check for latest update; http://missionignition.net/pfs/

Please Understand : This is written for your education and knowledge only. Although I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable, informed and passionate about the well being and health of the body, mind and spirit, I am not a doctor nor a licensed health practitioner. If you are unsure please seek medical advice before following any of the protocols or information mentioned here or on this website. Be it here or anywhere else, YOU are responsible for your life, decisions, choices, wellbeing and all your actions.


There's alot written on the web about Avian Flu, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and associated vaccines. Here I'm just going to summarise my findings and what I practice most on a daily basis myself, my family, friends and loved ones.

1. Vaccine

For every article and research promoting the benefits of vaccines there is also an opposing article and research showing the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines.

Whilst pro-vax promote that it was vaccines that saved mankind from epidemic diseases there are others that prove this was co-incidental. That is diseases were already on the decline when vaccines were introduced and thus vax manufacturers took the credit.

Why does disease occur (physically speaking)? One can write volumes but in the context of this article it is when the physical body is under stress and/or operating sub-optimally. This can occur due to deficiencies caused by poor environmental factors or poor food and water intake.

  • Pollution, heavy metals and toxins in the air, water and food chain
  • Electromagnetic Pollution (radiowaves, microwaves etc)
  • Mass production farming methods causing deficient food chain
  • Over processed and over cooked foods deficient in nutirents and enzymes
  • Excess sugar and excess synthetic chemicals in the food
  • Stress (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)

Let's go back and revisit the turn of the century. Industrialisation, Urbanisation, Great Depression, WW1, WW2.

People populated in small confined spaces, lack of hygiene and sanitisation. New chemicals and toxins introduced due to industrialisation. Economic depression causing poor food and water intake, starvation as well as hygiene and sanitisation conditions. Then comes WW1 followed by WW2 further amplifying all these conditions.

With all the above - it was only expected that disease, illness and sicknesses would flourish and perpetuate. However, after WW2 ended and the economies normalised, food became readily available and affordable. Also the advent of better sanitisation and hygiene due to better housing and living conditions, diseases and such began to decrease and health conditions improved on their own without the help of vaccines.

To finish up on the subject of vaccination and diseases, I'll conclude there is a logical evident pattern that where ever you have poor conditions such as mentioned above - you will find infectious diseases prolific. Example - Africa, Ethiopia etc. Perhaps instead of the Bill Gates Foundation pumping vaccines into black African children free of charge - they should be pumping fresh clean water and providing a foundation for fresh food crops and feeding them with live healthy food, full of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. But instead we'll just drop from rescue planes flyong overhead candy bars full of sugar and heavy metals as well as tonnes of bags full of over processed flour devoid of any nutrients and enzymes.

Read more controversy about vaccines here


2. Cytokine Storm / Cytokine Cascade

The influenza virus behaves in such a way that it triggers your immune system to go into an overdrive frenzy to kill off the virus. In the process your immune system starts to kill off (free radical inflammation) your healthy cells, eating away your lungs. You don't die from the flu, you die from suffocation / drowning unable to breath as your lungs fill up with fluid and your body goes into septic shock.

This is why sometimes the young and healthy or old and sick die from the viral flu. Their immune system was either strong and went into overdrive or weak and unable to mount an attack against the virus. When the immune system goes into overdrive attacking your bodies own good and healthy cells is known as "Cytokine Storms" or "Cytokine Cascade".

What causes your immune system to go onto overdirve? Besides the toxic effects of these adjuvants the claim is that these nasty ingredients placed in vaccines specifically designed to make your immune cells react in order to learn and become immuned. However these very same ingredients can cause your immune system to over-react. Some of these "special" ingredients are toxins such as the following;

  • Egg proteins:  including  avian contaminant viruses, Gelatin:  known to cause  allergic reactions and anaphylaxis
  • Polysorbate 80 or Squalene (Tween80TM):  can cause  severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis
  • Formaldehyde:  known  carcinogen
  • Triton X100:  a strong detergent
  • Sucrose:  table sugar, Resin:  known to cause  allergic reactions
  • Gentamycin:  an antibiotic
  • Thimerosal:  Mercury  toxin linked to Autism, Alzheimers', MS, Parkinsons' & many more
  • Aluminum:   known  neurotoxin.   (Do your own search for Aluminum & Mercury Toxicity)

Why the need for these special ingredients when some politicians and military people get special vaccines that don't contain these ingredients. What is the difference between them and average Joe.

::. Why? - German ministers to get H1N1 vaccine without softkill ingredients

::. Why? - German soldiers get additive free swine flu vaccine

Cytokines are messenger cells. When produced in the infected / affected region they signal your immune system to mount an attack or defend against a foreign body or pathogen that has been detected. This behaviour is like an inflammation, allergy reaction or fever.

It is like you washing the dirt of your hands with soap and water, except you don't know when to stop. Even after the dirt has been washed off, you continue in a mad frenzy to soap, rub and wash your hands ever harder believing they are still dirty and eventually end up damaging or destroying the skin on your hands.

Some substances (food, herbs, vitamins, minerals) which help prime your immune system to protect you from catching a virus can also cause a cytokine storm by overdriving your immune system.

Below I'll list those substances which will assist in shielding you from catching a virus in the first place as well as those which will help you beat the virus should you happen catch it.

These I'll list into two groups - "Preventative" and "Take During a Viral Attack ".


3. How do you know when your immune system is on the threshold of going into overdrive (cytokine storm)?.

Like any other flu the symptoms for swine flu or bird flu are not much different. In fact many people probably had caught the swine flu but just thought it to be any other flu. We'll never know because they treated it like any other seasonal flu and didn't go to the doctor, or if they did, they weren't tested for swine flu.

First signs of of a "possible" cytokine storm attack on your immune system is a fever, redness, swelling, fatigue and nausea.

Next comes the difficult breathing and uncontrollable coughing as mucous and fluid fills up your lungs leading into pneumonia. At this stage your lungs are being eaten away and next to no oxygen is getting to your cells resulting in septic shock. At this stage you would most likely be in hospital.


4. Preventative

It is far easier to prevent a disease then to try and cure it once you have contracted it. Below is what i recommend for preventing viral attacks. I'll keep it simple and short and won't bore you with technical and medical details.

Ultraviolet Light - yes get lots of sun on your skin, but don't burn yourself. Remove your sunglasses and allow the sun to shine full spectrum into your eyes for at least a few minutes.

Apart from creating Vit D in your body UV light wavelength neutralises virii. If you can't get sun try sun-tan beds. Just ensure it is UV-B light and do it for short periods of time possibly when you feel the onset of a flu coming.

Vitamin D - the best form of Vitamin D is from the sun (UV-B light). The next best is getting it from eating lots of fish or cod liver oil or salmon oil. If you don't like fish then butter or milk (pure unprocessed, untreated is preferred).

Best to also supplement with Vit-D tablets or powder. Always ensure it is Vitamin D3. Do not take D2 as it is toxic to the liver and not as bioavailable as D3. Preference is D3 in powder form if you can get it as it contains no fillers or unwanted ingredients usually found in tablets.

Vitamin A - the best place to get this is from fish. The next best is animal livers. If you are a vegetarian then equally best are red or sweet peppers, carrots, chives or parsley.

Lysine + Vitamin C - This combination is made famous by the late Linus Pauling for healing shrivelled, broken, calcified arteries and veins causing heart disease. Vitamin C is an all-rounder but is an excellent immune modulator.

An immune modulator does exactly that - it keeps your immune system in check - it gives it the fuel when mounting an attack but doesn't let your immune system go into overdrive like a run away freight train.

Further the human body does not produce its own Vitamin C unlike the majority of the animal, plant and insect kingdoms which do in vast amounts. Lysine is well known for healing shingles and cold sores which are well known common virii.

Magnesium, Zinc & Manganese - These three minerals are extremely deficient in the western diet. Further these three minerals are essential enzyme co-factors. This means without these minerals your body is unable to activate and utilise vitamins and enzymes obtained from your food.

Magnesium is the number one co-factor, it activates over 300 enzyme functions. Next is Zinc which activates over 100 enzymes, followed by Manganese which activates over 30 enzymes.

Last but not least these three minerals are immune modulators.

Thymus and Thyroid Glands - The two glands in the body responsible for immunity is primarily the Thymus gland followed by the Thyroid gland. It has to be said the Thymus gland is the number one key to immunity yet it is the most understudied and under-nourished gland in the human body shrivelling away to nothing as we age.

Simply look after your Thymus gland (Heart Chakra) and it will look after you.

There are many things you can take to ensure these glands are primed and some we have already discussed above.

Thymus - is magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, silicon, coconut oil and vitamins A, C, E.

Thyroid - is iodine, manganese, zinc, boron, vitamin A and B2 (Riboflavin).

Sea Salt - find yourself the the purest, unrefined, unprocessed sea salt (or Himalayan salt) and put 1/4 teaspoon in a litre (quart) of pure water and drink throughout the day.

Sea salt is full of minerals in their correct ratio. Further sea salt provides electrolytes for the cells i.e. provides electricity, electrical current for your cells and nerves to function and communicate optimally.

Alkalise - when the body is acidic it tends to attract and cling onto heavy metals and generate excess free radicals. Your body then inefficiently utilises nutrients from your digested food. Volumes can be written around the ill-effects of an acidic body.

The best is to alkalise by eating lots of vegetables and some fruits. An easy tip is to drink 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (bi-carbonate soda) in a glass of water before bedtime. For added synergy add some lemon juice.

There are a host of things one can eat, drink, supplement and do, however the above are key supplement to any healthy wholesome fresh diet (or lack of).

Protease Enzyme - Any protease based product is good. One I take any give to the family is a product called ViraStop

Colloidal Silver - it is well known and researched that colloidal silver helps kill virii. However i would say take it as a preventative, but i don't regard it as the end-all-be-all. I've tried all kinds of CS and i even make my own and have found it in-effective once you have caught a flu virus.


5. Take During a Viral Attack

Should your immune system go into overdrive or the viral assault begins to get the better of you and your lungs begin to fill up with mucous and fluid and your body tries to cough it out and burn it up; there are a few things you can try and do before you end up in hospital and the doctors try to keep you alive.

On the onset of high fever and mucous over-run begin to take the following;

- Resveratrol (red wine)
- Quercetin
- St John's Wort
- Melatonin
- Curcumin (or Tumeric)
- Cinnamon
- NAC - N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine

The below are very exotic and some are very unknown or what some may consider to be dangerous things to try. However they are very effective and powerful.

BHT : Butylated Hydroxytoluene - this is a very powerful anti-oxidant and anti-viral food additive which was banned by the FDA/TGA equivalents in most countries. However, it has proven itself to be possibly one of the best anti-virals around. It has proven itself against smallpox, herpes type 1 & 2 as well as hepatitis C. If you want more info please email me.

Methylene Blue : This is one of my all time favourite anti-aging, brain cell protector and oxygen boosters that I have been taking for years. However i do not make mention of it because it has a serious side-effect for some people of certain ethnic origin (Asian, Middle Eastern, some Mediteranean). This side-effect occurs only in males and rarely if ever in females.

Methylene Blue will turbo charge your cells with oxygen. Another way to put it - it stops and protects your cells from oxygen starvation as well as acting as a very good anti-oxidant. For more information email me.

When I feel a flu about to come on i take MB with 10-drops of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in a large glass of water and within hours it is as if nothing existed.

Essentially, MB will keep you from septic shock. Better still ,if your doctor knows how to administer via I.V. MB with hydrogen peroxide and vitamin C then you will survive and be back on your feet from almost any disease. Unfortunately, today's doctors will not think or try anything outside the box or what they were not taught at med school.


6. What NOT to Take During a Viral Attack

There are several things one should not eat or drink whilst you have any type of flu. These items although are normally healthy, they will overdrive your immune system to the point of fighting itself and killing your own health cells, aka Cytokine Storm / Cascade.

The below do good to protect you as a preventative before you catch a virus but NOT during the flu;

  • Echinacea
  • Bromelain (Pineapples)
  • Papain (Papaya)
  • Milk or Dairy products
  • Bananas
  • Any food that may cause inflammation or an allergy reaction could trigger a cytokine storm

To be Continued.

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Be Well

I have no affiliations nor solicits with or from any brands or products. If any are mentioned it is purely because I use them and find them to work.

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