What I have done is nothing special except take into consideration observational and experimental data by many of the humble greats throughout history and used basic common sense based on what many have already written.

After many years of studying I have noted that all over the world many have been describing experiments that suggest the right framework but for some reason no one has seen or summarized the full scope, yet by looking into other venues of literature (theologies) most all of them have been pointing at the exact properties. It is funny to acknowledge how these 2 vastly separated lines of thought have been looking at the truth the whole time but just never put it together.

Latest articles are added at the top;

::. Mankind is Defining Itself ::. It has been determined that the conscious species, mankind, has been defining itself over time.

::. Celebrate Life ::. Understanding the purpose of life and what we are as a person is important. Each of us at some point within our lives, has asked many of the same age-old questions as our ancestors did. Why am I here? What is the reason? What can I do to be a better person? What is the truth? And most all of them questions can be answered when the core foundations are understood as to what life itself is.

::. Magnesium ATP ::. What causes helio momentum?  The energy upon the mass by the properties of the electric and magnetic field upon the structures.    Basically that abstract below suggests energy upon a 'metal' itself, caused hydrogen (ion) to reach a point and increased the total mass (fusion), is what that abstract suggests.   But in the current cosmological model, Gravity within stars is what does that.  A direct contrast of models. Has the wavelength been noted that caused the environment or is 'heat' the described environment? 

::. Casimir Effect ::. Gravity is not the issue, but the wave lengths are the issue to addressed coupled with the 'zero vacuum' that has not been perfected.  In other words like in all experiments, there are energy wave lengths from current and historical exposure that will always affect an experiment and the scale is directly proportional or the smaller the mass the more the energy will affect each, yet in contrast higher mass collectives; as time passes entanglement increases.  

::. Something Every Child Should Know ::. Light is a wonderful thing in that every interaction of anything is affected by it. But what is light? In experimental data these individual light waves are thought to be just an energy field and magnetic field propagating through space at perpendicular planes or like a cross of energy going through space. In a simple idea it can be said light acts like a splash on a pond or when this energy is on an atom, a vibration or resonance. This last portion is not as strange as it may seem. As an atom is exposed to a light wave the wave can actually increase the energy or movement of the atom. To visualize this idea think of a rubber ducky on a pond; splash the pond and see the ducky rise and fall as the wave rolls through. This idea suggests that a wave whether large or small does affect each and every thing that comes into contact with the exchange.

::. Solar Flare Extinctions ::. If the earth goes through another reversal, our magnetic shield is down and if the sun kicks out a solar flare during one of these periods when we have no magnetosphere; tell me what do you think would happen. That amount of ionized mass these solar flares kick out would encircle the globe and react with our high oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere and there would be an enormous atmospheric fires that would cook the surface in a sharp immediate flare up. i posed then as I do now Alvarez is wrong about what caused the 65m or the 250m extinctions.

::. Light is Life ::. Light is but a small portion of wave lengths or frequencies that our eyes can use to offer sight as a sense to the comprehension we ‘see' in our ‘thoughts.' This ‘light' is in technical terms a part of a larger spectrum called electromagnetic radiation. This spectrum includes radio through to X, and gamma rays where the radio is a long wave length and the gamma is very small. We see with the little sliver of the spectrum called visible light which is pretty close to the middle of the recorded wavelengths known to exist.

::. Phospholipid Bilayers ::. Phospholipid bilayers frequencies are dependant on structure. Rread through this item below a few times you will find it covers much more every time you go over it and bridges begin to be made and you will find the base rules comply with everything alive, ever. Read it like a bible and ponder what can be addressed within each section. Ask questions or fill in blanks I may have missed.  Contribute or be gone.

::. Reflections ::. Phospholipid bilayers; resonance upon structures governs the associations of the base lipids; equating to energy upon molecular structures align, repel, refract or even amplify based on associated resonances or entanglements. Far easier then it seems, just remember that every single reaction is based on energy and the properties of resonance and entanglement and are much more important then ever recognized.

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